AOSP ROM for Galaxy Tab E – Vanilla Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560NU

Download AOSP ROM for Galaxy Tab E

Samsung might have stopped churning out updates for the Galaxy Tab E but XDA developers is still busy developing for this relatively new android tablet. If you are looking for AOSP ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab E, something that is vanilla and comes debloated, this is the ROM you should install on your tablet.

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Galaxy Tab E official ROM download link (4G LTE version T377AUCU3BRD1) for getting 4G LTE speeds back

Looking for the official download link for the 4G LTE T377AUCU3BRD1 variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet? This tutorial is great for those as well who are stuck at 3G HSDPA speeds and 4G LTE speeds are not coming back.

Download Galaxy Tab E official ROM

You would not have much luck finding this ROM if your tablet is stuck in factory binary mode. A good fellow has uploaded it google drive which otherwise costs about 5 dollars.

Download link.

However, if you are looking for a less bloated version of it, follow these steps.

After flashing this firmware, you will be able to get the 4G LTE speed back. It takes about 20 minutes to boot afterwards – no need to worry.

1) Boot into Odin Download Mode
2) Open ODIN and Load BL, AP, and CP only (Leave out the CSC)
3) Under Option tab ensure Auto Reset, Nand Erase, F. Reset Time are the only options selected.
4) Flash
5) Tablet boots into recovery, Perform a data and cache wipe
6) Reboot and wait the 20 minutes for the tablet to boot
7) I also went into Developers Options and deselected Auto Update System. Not sure if this is for OTA’s or not, but hoping

Download TWRP for Galaxy Tab E SM-T377P/SM-T560NU

If you are looking to flash a new ROM or some mod on your Samsung galaxy Tab E, model number SM-T377P / SM-T560NU, you will have to install TWRP on it. So what is TWRP? It is a custom recovery that opens gates for installing third party firmware. Just keep in mind that after installing TWRP on your Galaxy Tab E tablet, you will no longer be able to avail warranty on it.

Galaxy Tab E

Download link for TWRP:


How to install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy Tab E?

For this, you will have to download ODIN on your windows computer. Mac/Linux are not supported. You can download ODIN from here.

* Enable Developer Mode on your phone and unlock the bootloader from the Settings, if not done already.
* Download a recent .tar archive from the links above for your device.
* Reboot into Download Mode [Press Power+Volume Down+Home].
* Flash the tar archive using ODIN by clicking AP and selecting the .tar file you just downloaded.

It should now reboot. That is it. You have successfully installed TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy Tab E android tablet. You can now install any third party ROM on it.