Use micro SD for storage in Galaxy Tab S3 [SM-T825/T820]

Samsung had the guts to release its powerful tablet, Galaxy Tab S3 with mediocre storage but what the fans even more furious was their decision to remove adoptable storage function from android. This means, you were not allowed to move applications and games stored on the internal storage of your Galaxy Tab S3 to micro SD card. Fortunately, an XDA developer user found a way to do.

Galaxy Tab S3

For this, you will need to have Galaxy Tab S3 TWRP custom recovery installed on your device. Then, install adoptable_storage_enabler_ashyx and then this, no-verity-no-encrypt_ashyx. After this, reboot your tablet and look for a popup in notification bar that says "new SD card detected".

After that, click on “Set up” > “use as internal storage” > next > erase and format > Next and you’re done.

Optional – Move/Migrate existing data via "Settings —> Device maintenance —> Storage —> Storage Settings (three dots) —> SD card —> Migrate Data (three dots)".

After this, any application or game that you install will be installed automatically on the micro SD card.

Android Oreo 8.1 for Galaxy Tab S3: LineageOS 15.1 brings Android 8 to Samsung Tab S3

Thanks to the developer behind LineageOS, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 users are able to get Android 8.1 Oreo on their tablets. This is a third party ROM, so you will need to have TWRP custom recovery installed in order to install custom ROM, like this one.

Android Oreo 8.1

Here is how to install it on your Tab S3:

1. Install twrp for Tab S3.
2. Download the zip(s) – firmware and Google Apps additional package (, Platform: ARM64, Android: 8.1, Variant: any, usually I’m using micro or nano)
3. Backup all partitions (it least efs) and store somewhere – it need to do – because you can loose imei
4. Full wipe all
5. Flash firmware and gapps

Keep in mind that microphone is not working during calls but who uses their tablet for making calls? Other than that, everything is working like a charm.

Again, this is a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and after installing it, your warranty will be voided. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get latest Android on your tablet as Samsung appears to be reluctant in pushing any more updates to this tablet.

Galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel – SM-T820 / SM-T825 kernel download

Permissive kernel is now available for download for the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet. There is nothing really special about this permissive kernel except for its permissive mode, of course. There are some applications out there that require this very mode which is why permissive kernel was made available for the Samsung tablet.

Galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel

Galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel for SM-T820 / SM-T825 features:

* Forced Encryption disabled
* DM-Verity disabled
* Root restrictions removed
* NTFS support (coming soon)
* F2FS support (coming soon)
* Current build is -XXU1AQD6

It shall be noted that by flashing this Samsung galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel, you will be increasing your knox counter which means your tablet will no longer be in warranty. It is also suggested to make a backup of data so that if something goes wrong, you have the data is with you safe.

If you have data encryption turned on, you will have to remove it. You can do that by going into Galaxy Tab S3 TWRP and using “format data” button.

Here are the download links. Make sure to use ODIN to flash them. If you do not have it on your computer, download it from here.

Download Tab S3 TWRP: Custom recovery for SM-T820 T825

You will now be able to do all sorts of mods and root Tab S3 as TWRP custom recovery is available for download for this Samsung android tablet. Available for both SM-T820 and T825 models, this TWRP custom recovery is v3.1.0.0 which is the latest version available right now.

Download Tab S3 TWRP

While Tab S3 TWRP recovery is still in beta state, everything is working as expected. Only the F2FS support is missing and the developers behind TWRP are working hard to add it in upcoming release but other than that, everything is working.

List of what is working – MTP working; ADB working; SEANDROID warning fix; TWRP and Kernel built from latest source; NTFS support and TWRP app support.

Before you start, go to settings > developer options > OEM unlocking. If you do not see developer options, go to about and press build number few times. To flash TWRP for Tab S3, download the flashable TWRP file from here. Download ODIN as well. Fire it p and put the TWRP file in AP. Then put the S3 in download mode by pressing vol down and power button together for few seconds.

  • twrp for t820 – link
  • twrp for t825 – link

Connect your android tablet to the computer and click on the Start button to commence the flashing process. It will take only a few seconds for the flashing to complete. Reboot and do whatever you want to do with it.

Debloat and Disable app list for Galaxy Tab S3 7.0

Unlike other smartphone companies, Samsung phones come with a lot of junk applications preloaded. And unless, you are an semi-expert phone user, you have no idea that you can disable them or remove that by rooting Tab S3 and then installing uninstalling system app from play store.

Debloat and Disable app list for Galaxy Tab S3 7.0

We have just got hold of an Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and we were blown away by the amount of bloatware bundled with this very tablet. So, we have made a list of those applications that you can disable without affecting the working of the system software. You can also uninstall them later.

BeaconManager –
Briefing –
Calculator –
Calendar –
CarmodeStub –
Clock –
CloudGateway –
Contacts –
Email –
Excel –
Finder –
Galaxy Essentials Widget –
Gallery –
Game Launcher –
My Files –
Nearby devices –
Nearby Service –
OneDrive –
PEN.UP – com.sec.penup
PowerPoint –
Quick connect –
Recolor – com.sumoing.recolor
Samsung Billing –
Samsung Flow –
Samsung text-to-speech engine –
Samsung+ –
Skype –
Smart Switch –
Texture – com.nim.discovery
Weather –
Weather forecast –
withTV –
Word –

Galaxy Tab S3 S-note, Game Tuner, Internet: Download missing Samsung Tab S3 Snote, Game Tuner and Internet apps

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the latest android tablet from the Korean giant but the company has deliberately removed some important applications. This includes S-Note, S-note widget, Game tuner and even Samsung’s own internet browser. So, if you are used to a particular app on your Samsung smartphone, you won’t find them on your android tablet.

Galaxy Tab S3 S-note, Game Tuner, Internet

One of our readers was able to download them on his Samsung phone via Galaxy Apps and then extracted the APK, and made them available to all Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 users.

To install them on your tablet, just download and install them- just like any other APK file. Make sure unknown sources are ticked in settings to allow APK installation.

1. S-Note v5.2  – download link
Far better than ‘Samsung Notes’ which comes preloaded. For example just compare the resolution of drawing/writing with the S-pen.

2. S-Note extension pack – download link
Adds features to S-Note such as extended toolbar, shape recognition, sketch recording etc.

3. S-Note widget – download link
Note widget for your home screen.

4. S-Note templates – download link
Templates for S-Note. May be useful to someone.

5. Game Tuner – download link
Change the resolution/fps of games. Handy as the S3 seems to default to a lower resolution.

6. Samsung Internet Beta – Preview the latest release of the Samsung browser. Here is its download link.