Galaxy Tab S Android 5.1 Pac Man ROM available for download

Download Pac Man ROM to enjoy Android 5.1 lollipop on Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. The Pac Man ROMs are quite frankly one of the best Galaxy Tab S custom ROMs out there and pack almost no bugs.

Installation instructions for Galaxy Tab S Android 5.1 Pac Man ROM:
* Download the ROM from here and GApps from here.
* Reboot to recovery.
* Flash the ROM.
* Wipe both dalvik cache and cache.
* Reboot your phone.
* Enjoy the latest version of PAC-ROM.
Download Galaxy Tab S Android 5.1 Pac Man ROM

Features of this ROM:
Advanced Keyboard Options
Appbar AOKP Weather
Battery Bar
Battery Indicator around Unlock Ring
CM Themes
Contextual Notification Header
Custom Tethering Network
Floating Window
Gesture Anywhere
Gesture Lockscreen Unlock
Listview and Toast Animation Customization Lockscreen Notifications
Lockscreen See-Through w/ Blur
Low Battery Warning (with Custom Notification Type) Navigation Bar Customization
Network Speed Indicator
Notification Drawer Customizations Omniswitch
PAC Console (OTA Updater, Changelog viewer) PAC Performance
anacy Guard
Progress Bar Customization
QuickSettings Customization
Ram Bar
Slim Heads Up
Slim Pie
Slim Recents
Wakelock Blockers
Volume Step Customization

Download Android 6 Marshmallow for Galaxy Tab S

Android 6 Mashmallow is available unofficially for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. This Android 6 is available for these models – T700, T800 and T805. No T705 yet. The ROM is based on AOSP which means no Samsung bloatware and so it runs very fast.

Download Android 6 Marshmallow for Galaxy Tab S

You will need TWRP for Galaxy Tab S in order to flash it since this is a custom ROM. Also you must have earlier upgraded to stock Android 5for Tab S as this Marshmallow requires bootloader upgrade. Installation instructions are given below.

Download Android 6 Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Flash TWRP or higher using odin.
Reboot into recovery. Go into wipe menu. Select "Advanced Wipe". Check
Dalvik Cache
and wipe them. Don’t reboot just yet.
Go into install.
Flash (tbd)
Flash (tbd)
Copy SuperSu and Gapps zip to /sdcard/OpenDelta/FlashAfterUpdate so that they are automatically applied after OTA update. Keep in mind that Camera and fingerprint sensor are not working.

Download links:

Download Galaxy Tab S Android 5.1 for SM-T805

It has been a while since Samsung released official Android 5.0 ROM for the Galaxy Tab S and today one of the XDA members released Android 5.1 for the SM-T805 Tab S. All download links are given at the bottom of this post. It shall be noted that this is not the official Android 5.1 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. It is still in the making but we are sure it will be released in fourth quarter of 2015.

Download Galaxy Tab S Android 5.1 for SM-T805

Galaxy Tab S Android 5.1: Flashing instructions:

1. Full wipe
2. flash rom
3. flash kernel
4. flash gapps
5. boot

It works for both SM-T800 and SM-T805 variants and is based on Cyanogen Mod for Tab S. While it is still a work in progress, it is good enough for daily use. We will keep on updating the ROM as the developer churns out improved versions of the Android 5.1 ROM.

If you get “External SD card not recognised” error, it means you have to reformat the micro SD card to NTFS format. If you get “your device has an internal error contact your manufacturer”, just ignore it.

T800 T700 Disable Software and Enable Navigation Bar on Galaxy Tab S

Did you know that it is possible to disable the softkeys and enable Navigation bar like the one present in Nexus tablets? This has to be done in such a way that you must enable navigation bar first and then disable the Samsung softkeys.

T800 T700 Disable Software and Enable Navigation Bar on Galaxy Tab S

This method also requires you to have root on Tab S tablet and file manager with root manager. I recommend using Solid Explorer.

To Enable NavBar:
In root file manager:
open "/system/build.prop"
add this line at the bottom of the file
Reboot to ensure the Navbar is enabled before moving on

To Disable Softkeys:
In root file manager:
open "system/usr/keylaout/Generic.kl"

The Generic.kl contains all the key mapping. Search for the following keys (158 and 254) and comment them out with a # symbol. They will be looking like this:

# key 158  BACK
# key 254  APP_SWITCH

Then using the solid explorer, open open "system/usr/keylaout/gpio-keys.kl". Commet the 172 line with # symbol. It should be looking like this.

# key 172  HOME         WAKE

Now let us disable the softkey backlight. To do this, go Settings > Display > Advanced (section) > Touch key light duration > Always off

Download Galaxy Tab S CF Autoroot to root Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a great mini tablet and now there is a way to root it using CF Autoroot tool. This tool must be used with Lollipop and Kitkat firmwares only and only with SM-T800/SM-T805/T700/T705 Exynos only.

Download Galaxy Tab S CF Autoroot to root Tab S

It shall also be noted a lot of people that are looking to root their device also flash Galaxy Tab S TWRP afterwards and I feel that it is unnecessary to do both steps, so an XDA developer made an all in one package to root and then install TWRP recovery. Simply flash with ODIN. Odin 10.6

This is a great method to get super user permissions on your tablet. We tested it on our Samsung Galaxy Tab S and we got root permissions and recovery works great as well.

Download Official Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for Tab S SM-T805 SM-T800

Samsung has released official Android 5.0 Lollipop for Galaxy Tab S tablets. It is for the SM-T805 and SM-T800 variants. If you have not received it for your tablet, you can flash it from below given links. Just keep in mind that it will delete any file you have stored on the tablet.

Download Official Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for Tab S SM-T805 SM-T800

The new Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the SM-T805 and SM-T800 brings plethora of performance improvements, security enhancements and bug fixes. You also get a new lock scree, improved notification bar and updated Touch Wiz user interface.

SM-T800 Wi-Fi firmware details

Model Name: Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Model: SM-T800 (Wi-Fi)
Country: France (XEF)
Version: T800XXU1BOCC
OS: Lollipop
OS Version: 5.0.2
Build Date: March 17, 2015
Changelist: 4403645

SM-T805 LTE firmware details

Model Name: Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Model: SM-T805 (LTE)
Country: Czech Republic (Vodafone)
Version: T805XXU1BOCC
OS: Lollipop
OS Version: 5.0.2
Build Date: March 17, 2015
Changelist: 4403645

Galaxy Tab S Deodexed and Rooted ROM

An XDA developer has released a pre rooted and deodexed firmware for the Samsung galaxy tab S tablet. Main feature of this ROM is that it is prerooted, de odexed, zipaligned and has busybox pre installed. It also comes with Aroma installer that allows the user to personalize the ROM.

Galaxy Tab S Deodexed and Rooted ROM

Aroma Wipe options include:
* Regular Wipe [NOT RECOMMENDED: Wipes system, cache & dalvik-cache partitions only]
* FULL Wipe [REQUIRED: Wipes system, data, cache & dalvik. /data/media is not touched]

Multi CSC support for these countries:

  • CRC – Costa Rica
  • XEF – France
  • DBT – Germany
  • EUR – Greece
  • TGY – Hong Kong
  • XID – Indonesia
  • XSE – Indonesia
  • ILO – Israel
  • ITV – Italy
  • KOR – Korea
  • XME – Malaysia
  • PHN – Netherlands
  • NEE – Nordic Countries
  • TEN – Norway
  • NZC – Papua New Guinea
  • XTE – Philippines
  • GBL – Philippines – Globe
  • SMA – Philippines – Smart
  • XTC – Philippines – Sun Cellular
  • XEO – Poland
  • TPH – Portugal – TPH
  • ROM – Romania
  • SER – Russia
  • MM1 – Singapore
  • XSP – Singapore
  • SIN – Singapore – SingTel
  • STH – Singapore – Starhub
  • XEC – Spain – Movistar
  • HTS – Sweden
  • SWC – Switzerland
  • THL – Thailand (Default)
  • BTU – United Kingdom
  • XEV – Vietnam
  • XXV – Vietnam

Aroma app can be installed from Play store using this link. You can install the ROM using stock kernel or overclocking kernel – both are supported. Pre requirements for installing the ROM:

SM-T705 Exynos5420 galaxy tab S
Touch Wiz Kit Kat 4.4.2. Official T705XXU1AOA1 firmware recommended.
Custom recovery: CWM or TWRP

Installation instructions

Save ROM zip to internal or external SD card
Boot into CWM or TWRP recovery
Power off
Hold volume up + home + power buttons (don’t release until see recovery screen)
Follow recovery menu to BACKUP your current ROM
Follow recovery menu to flash ROM zip
FULL Wipe install: REQUIRED for first flash of this de-odex ROM! Wipes system, data, cache & dalvik. /data/media contents on int/ext storage is NOT wiped
Reboot when finished. It can take a few minutes for first boot.

Download CM12 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S

If you are fond of non bloated Android experience, getting clock work mod 12 a k a CM12 on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S would be the best bet. CM12 is almost bug free on the Tab S but we have been told that Camera is not functioning so if you use that a lot, do not install it.

To flash CM12 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, first download and install CWM recovery from here. While we feel TWRP for Tab S will work fine, the developer insists in installing CWM before flashing CM12.

After installing CWM, get the CM12 from here and copy it to the root directory of Tab S’ SD card. Open CWM by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons simultaneously for few seconds to go into the download mode. Do a factory reset from here before flashing the CM12 ROM. Then again go into download mode by pressing same set of buttons as before and browse for the clock work mod 12 file that you copied earlier.  Flash it.

Download CM12 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Keep in mind that first boot after install can leave your device at a black screen for up to 5 minutes. So be patient.

Galaxy Tab S Overclocking and Underclocking guide

Samsung Galaxy Tab S can be underclocked and overclocked thanks to the active community at XDA. You can overclock the default clock speed to maximum frequency of 2100 MHz (stock is 1900MHz) and underclock it to 200 MHZ.

CPU max frequency of A15 cores is 2100 MHz (stock/default = 1900 MHz) and CPU min frequency A7 cores is 200 MHz (stock/default = 500 MHz). Multi-core power saving control is present (sched_mc_power_savings) and so is the power-efficient Workqueues control. A15 big & A7 LITTLE Cores time in state as well.


To underclock or overclock the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, you must install this third party kernel made by an XDA member:

* Based on official Samsung source: T705WVLU1ANJ5
* ramdisk source: T700XXU1ANL2 & T705XXU1AOA1
* Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.7
* Compiled with KERNEL_MODE_NEON & -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 & hard float
* adb insecure
* ROM Knox disable/freeze via Synapse control
* init.d script support (drop in script & set permissions to 755 or 777 and reboot)
* busybox v1.22.0-Dream-IRC installed to /sbin
* Will NOT delete your WIFI settings & passwords
* Possible Screen Mirroring / AllShare Cast fix
* Synapse app support for almost all kernel configurations

Installation instructions:

Uninstall any CPU control apps, tweaks and scripts etc.
Recommend: Install Wanam DVFS disabler for greater kernel control
Recommend: Backup your current kernel with TWRP Recovery
Recommend: Install Synapse app from Google Play.
If Synapse app is installed and using with any current kernel: device settings > applications > synapse > FORCE STOP & CLEAR DATA
Flash SKyHigh kernel with CWM or TWRP Recovery
After boot (wait at least 60-120 secs)
Open Synapse
Tap “Understood”
Make any change, and tap the “” to apply new defaults
After setting and applying any GPU freq changes, don’t forget to tap [Apply GPU Governor Settings] in Synapse GPU section
Any issues, please check Posts #1-3 and search the thread BEFORE posting

Download links:

Download TWRP Recovery for the Galaxy Tab S

TWRP is a recovery that can be used to flash firmwares on to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. It can also be used for rooting the Tab S.

Here are the steps on how to download and install it on your tablet.

Play Store Link
1) Install TWRP Manager from the Play Store
2) Open TWRP Manager and provide root permissions
3) Hit Advanced->Install Recovery
4) Verify the correct device name on your screen then press Install Recovery if the correct device is showing

If you are not comfortable with the play store method, you can do a manual installation by using ODIN application. For that download the required TAR file from here.

Download TWRP Recovery galaxy tab s

Then in ODIN select the file by clicking on PDA button and flash it. Make sure you have your Tab S in recovery mode before pressing the START button. For getting your Tab into recovery, press volume up and power button down together as soon as the screen blinks blank so that it goes into recovery.

Things you should know about the Galaxy Tab S

The latest tablet from Samsung is here and it is being touted as the best Android tablet out tehre. It gives you access to loads of applications and optional 4G connectivity.

So what should you know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

1. One of the best tablet screens

There is no point in getting a tablet if it does not have a crisp display. Samsung is calling it the "the industry’s best display" thanks to amazing combination of super high resolution and advanced color reproduction. It can automatically adjusts the screen mode based on whether you’re watching a film, flicking through photos or just browsing the web.

2. Thinnest and Lightest Sammy’s tablet

The Tab S comes in two sizes – 8.4 inches and 10.5 inches and both tablets are very light. The 10.5 inch tablet weighs just 465 grams. This makes it lighter than all the Android tablets out there. Also it is just 6.6mm thin and thus you will barely notice it in your bag.

3. Fingerprint reader

The Tab S comes with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen and not only does it feel cool to unlock your tablet, it also means that your private data will beas you safe and sound even if the tablet ever falls into the wrong hands.

4. Split screen multitasking

If you love split screen multitasking you will adore the Galaxy Tab S. This will allow you to be more productive as you will able to work on two windows at a time.

Things you should know about the Galaxy Tab S

5. Productivity booster

You can easily and wirelessly transfer files and information between the Tab S and a Galaxy smartphone thanks to SideSync 3.0.

6. Freebies

With the Tab S you get three months of Sky Movies from NOW TV for free, as well as 1,500 Marvel Comics and access to news and magazines through Paper garden.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Vs iPad Air – Finally an iPad Killer

The high end tablet PC from Samsung is being touted as iPad Killer by a lot of people including us. Even if you go by the looks only, we are looking at the real iPad-killer in flesh.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S range is lighter, thinner and more capable than any tablet PCs Samsung has launched to date.

The Tab S comes with best quality screens and lots of power under the shell.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Vs iPad Air

Samsung’s director of product marketing admits that the company has never been able to launch a super high end tablet with the potential to rival the market’s front-runners.

But with the Tab S, Samsung hopes to have same success they had with the S5 smartphone which is number one selling phone in many countries.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5 Launched in Europe

The last month was full of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 leaks and rumors. After the Korean manufacture released them officially at the Galaxy Premier event, we have been waiting for it to be launched in Europe.

Now both Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 will go on sale on the European market today.

The Tab S is powered by Exynos 5 Octa 5420 chipsets based on a quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex A15 + 1.3 GHz Cortex A7 CPU combo and Mali T628 MP6 GPU.

Both come with 3 GB of RAM, 16/32 GB of native storage expandable with up to 128 GB using micro SD cards, and both run Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box, customized with Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5

Tab S 8.4 has a 4,900 mAh battery, while its bigger brother is kept alive by a 7,900 mAh cell.

On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 features a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1600 x 2560 resolution. This gives you a PPI of 288.

The Tab S 8.4 is equipped with a 8.4 inch S-AMOLED screen packing 1600×2560 resolution thus have extremely high PPI of 350.

On the front both have 2.1 MP selfie camera and 8MP rear camera.

Other specs include  LTE, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, IR blaster, and micro USB 2.0.