Download Galaxy Tab Plus Android 6 Marshmallow ROM

Samsung abandoned development for the Galaxy Tab Plus long time back but thanks to XDA, we are still able to get our hands on some amazing firmwares, one of them is the Android 6 Marshmallow ROM. While the ROM is not very stable and still in experimental phase, it is good enough to see what XDA developers has in store for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus.

Download Galaxy Tab Plus Android 6 Marshmallow ROM

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Small USB host adapter for the Galaxy Tab Plus

USB connection kit from Samsung is great but forces the user to hold it in awkward position, especially if you are watching the movie while holding the Tab Plus in your hands. An xda user bought himself a cheap third party USB host adapter and glued it all together to one lump. The adapter is actually meant for use in P1000 but works fine in Tab 7.0 Plus. He then paired it with a tiny microSDHC reader. Here is how it looks like.


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Galaxy Tab Plus Stylus

Many opt for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus instead of Tab 10.1 because of the portability factor. As the Tab Plus is narrower, it has a great potential to be the best note taking tool out there and that is why perhaps Samsung offers a conductive stylus for the users that are into scribbling and note taking. Here is a review from an xda user whose wife bought him this stylus.


She bought it for me for a gift and at first I was skeptical because I had not used one before. But I quickly adapted to it and now the stylus goes with me everywhere I go (it works great on my Atrix and the touch screens at work).

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Galaxy Tab Plus ClockworkMod Recovery

This is a guide on how to use CWM (ClockworkMod Recovery) with your Galaxy Tab Plus tablet. Put the installation zip file on your tablet’s external SD card. If you don’t have an external SD card, you won’t be able to install this. MicroSD cards are cheap. If you have a tablet that costs 399 USD, you can afford to spend a few extra dollars on a microSD card. Just get one. Not only is it required for installing this from the factory recovery, but it makes a great place to back things up to. A nice 16GB card is suggested. 32GB is better. You’ll need AT LEAST 1GB for this recovery. If you have a previous version of CWM already in-place, you won’t need the storage card.

Galaxy Tab Plus ClockworkMod Recovery

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