Portable Adjustable Tablet Fold Stand for Galaxy Tab and other tablets

We use our tablets in a variety of positions and if you watch a lot of movies and media content on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you ought to look at this highly portable tablet stand. Capable of holding any tablet with 4 inch – 14 inch screen, it is great for home, classroom, airplane, video conferences, office, kitchen and so on.

Portable Adjustable Tablet Fold Stand

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Best Tablets from the Home of Samsung

If you are searching for a mobile or a tablet, you will look at some popular online stores for these fantastic gadgets. If you have been using Paytm for mobile recharges, you will be aghast to see that Paytm is also offering a wide range of products. If you look at the tablets section of Paytm, you will find that Samsung tablets are the most sought after tablets. These tablets are really fantastic and offer real good value for the money.

Galaxy Tab 3 Neo

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Antivirus for Android tablets are must have

Android operating system dominates the smartphone and tablet space. Infact, more than 85 percent of all smartphones run android. Same can be said about the tablets which are dominated by Samsung Galaxy Tabs which run android as well. Recently, there has been an increase of malware which can send your private photos and information back to the hacker. For this, the user needs to install an antivirus application that can protect your android tablet or phone from harmful apps and games.

Antivirus for Android tablets (3)

The one we recommend to our users is the AVG Antivirus. To download it, just search for AVG antivirus in the google playstore and download it. It is compact in size and does not take more than a minute to download and install.

The first thing to do after installing the AVG antivirus for android is do a full scan of your phone. Simply tap the big orange button to commence scanning of your phone. The application is capable of scanning both internal and external storage so that this. This is an important step as you would want to free your phone from any existing virus, Trojan or malware.

Antivirus for Android tablets (2)

The AVG antivirus runs in the background without bogging down your phone. It keeps an eye on the activities of the applications and games you’ve installed. If an app is trying to send your PIM or personal data back to the developer or hacker, it alerts you and blocks that attempt.

It also has Wi-Fi security scan feature where it prevents you from connecting to unsecured wifi networks or networks with poor security. Such networks are often associated with stealing your phone’s information and sending it back to the hacker.

Antivirus for Android tablets (1)

AVG antivirus keeps an eye on the security settings of your android tablet or phone and makes sure they are in order. If something is lacking or potentially hazardous, it alerts you and guides you in improving the security. It comes with several other useful features as well. Our favorite is Vault where you can hide your private photo collection from other users. Photos stored in the vault are hidden from the android’s file system and do not appear in the photos or gallery application.

Verdict – AVG antivirus is a must-have application for all android tablet and phone users. If you do not have it onboard, you are putting information stored on your device at risk.

Movavi Photo DeNoise Review

We perfectly understand that it can get very frustrating to take pictures of something important and later on, coming to realise that the most of the pictures you took were too noisy. There are plethora of reasons why a photo turned out to be noisy. The most common factor is poor lightning conditions. That said, there are some amazing applications that let you get rid of the noise and the most recommend application is Movavi Photo DeNoise.

Movavi Photo DeNoise for Win

Using Movavi Photo DeNoise, you will be able to instantly denoise the photo. The application makes use of smart removal algorithm to get rid of any and every type of digital noise and in the end, this noise reduction software will yield super crisp, detailed pictures. It comes with several other amazing algorithms that smart sharpen the images by getting rid of noise without losing details, making the picture look vivid and crisp.

To get started, download the application on your computer. It is available for both Mac and windows operating system. Mac users will get DMG file for installation which they have to drag to the Applications folder to complete the installation. Windows users get EXE file which has an easy-to-follow installer, allowing one to install the application in few mouse clicks. Now that the installation has completed, start the application by double clicking on it.


Click on “Browse for images” button to start adding the images that you want to denoise. It is also possible to simply drag and drop the images to the application window.

Now, go to the Denoise tab and start tinkering with the Light noise field. Move the slider to the right to start denoising the picture. Feel free to play with other image editing controls like Color Noise and Radius. Change the intensity of the denoise filter by moving the slider to the left or right.


The application also lets you crop, level and rotate the pictures. If you going to share this picture on a social media networking site, you might want to use resize option in the application that will drastically reduce the size of the pictures, allowing you to share the pictures much more easily. You can also use this option for email.


Now that we have done denoising the image, it is time to save the modified pictures. Click on the Export button to save them to the hard disk of your computer.

Edit photos easily with Movavi Photo Editor

There are tons of photo editors out there but let us face it – a lot of us do not feel very comfortable working with them. Reason is simple – they look too complex to work and thus we leave this photo editing work to the experts who charge quite a lot for editing pictures. Now, you can edit photos yourself with Movavi Photo Editor app that is available for both Windows operating system as well as for Macintosh. You can use it to edit the pictures stored on your Samsung galaxy tab or any picture from anywhere else.

Movavi Photo Editor (1)

Using Movavi Photo Editor does not require you to be a trained computer professional. All you need to know are computer basics and within a couple of minutes, you will feel just at home with this amazing app. To get started, you will need to download the app to your computer. Download it from the official website and install it by following its simple to follow onscreen instructions. If you are a Mac user, simply drag the downloaded DMG file into the Applications button on your dock to install the Movavi Photo Editor.

Start the picture editing software by double clicking it and import the picture to start editing it. You can click on the Adjust button to do various kinds of adjustments on it such as changing brightness of the picture; making it sharper and changing the temperature of the picture. All the effects are applied in real time so whatever is being displayed on the screen will be the final output of your picture. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always click on the Undo button or can revert back to the initial state to start afresh.

Movavi Photo Editor (2)

You can do other editing tasks like crop, flip, straighten and resize from the app itself. If you are not satisfied with the background of the image, you can swap it with another one of your choice. For this, select the area of the image using a green marker and then the background using red marker. Then, use the swap tool to replace it with plain background.

Movavi Photo Editor (3)

So, for instance, if there a person in the picture that you do not want to be in your final, edited picture, you can remove him completely using this tool. Supported formats include BMP, DPX, EXR, GIF (not animated), JJPEG, JPEG-LS, JPEG 2000, PBM, PAM, PGM, PCX, PIC, PGMYUV, PNG, PIX, PTX, PPM, Sun Rasterfile, TIFF, TARGA, WebP, XFace, XBM, XWD and you can output the files in BMP, DPX, JPEG, PCX, PBM, PNG, PGM, PPM, TIFF, TGA and XBM formats.

Choosing between laptop and tablet for gaming

We at massive fans of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets and many of us are using it as our only computer too, which makes sense if all you do on your computer is web browsing, social networking and run light productivity applications like mobile versions of Microsoft Office apps. However, these Samsung tablets may not be the ideal choice if you are into gaming. Gaming requires powerful hardware and while today’s Galaxy Tab tablets are as powerful as yesterdays PC’s, if you want to stay at the forefront of gaming technology, then it is unlikely that you will be getting the Samsung Tabs.

Unless you urgently need to play the latest laptop games and get the best performance from them knowing that in six months time, there will be a better tablet on the market, it might be better if you invested in a lower end model that you could more easily discard for an upgrade a few months down the line. Of course, if you get yourself a gaming laptop with GTX 1080 Ti Nvidia graphics card, you would not be able to enjoy all laptop games at best possible resolution. Certainly if your gaming involves your playing mainly at mobile online then there is no need to spend £600 or more on the latest Apple iPad Air 2. The same goes for most casual tablet games.


If you are happy to spend a little more now, then you cannot really go wrong with the Apple iPad Air or the iPad Mini with retina display. Both of them are superbly constructed tablets with excellent performance and wonderful displays. You get the latest iOS operating system that you are already accustomed to. The OS is backed by millions of high quality applications and games that ensure superior user experience.

That does not mean that they are necessarily the best tablets for gaming, certainly they are up there with the best, but there is better. However, if you have already heavily invested in Windows operating system, then going for something like Razor Edge makes sense. It has 10.1 inch screen, 1366×768 pixel display, 64GB SSD, Core i5 processor and Nvidia GeForce GPU. Android users should check out the Nvidia Shield tablet. It comes with NvidiaTegra K1 2.2GHz quad-core processor and ULP GeForce Kepler GPU which is backed by 2 gigabytes of memory and Android 5.0 operating system. The K1 is based on ARM A15 architecture that is highly efficient and yields excellent battery life.

Another great android tablet for gaming is Sony Xperia Z4. It dons 10.1 inch 2K display that is incredibly sharp and smooth. It is powered by the very powerful 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit octa-core, Adreno 430 GPU and 3GB RAM.Xperia Z4 runs Android 5.0.2 operating system.

If you are into laptop games, then it is best to for either Acer Predator series or Asus ROG (republic of gamers) as they come with top end processors, lots of memory and super fast storage devices. Consider getting ones with bigger displays, around 15.6 to 17.3 inches as playing games for longer durations on smaller screen can be tad tiring. For storage, go for fast Intel or Sandisk solid state drives as they tremendously improve load times, making gaming experience more pleasant.

Easiest way to extract audio from video file

Many times we want to extract the audio from a particular video but do not have a clue on how to do it. While there are some expensive tools available in the market that provide this functionality, they are not exactly very easy to use and user-friendly. Recently I came across this tool called Movavi video converter that makes this task so easy. Plus it is very feature rich and let you do much more.

extract audio from video file

The Movavi video converter lets you extract audio from video easily. All you have to do is download the software from the official site. The installation process is simple and painless. It only took me a couple of minutes. You can extract video from AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, MOV etc and store them in MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA audio formats.

Start the app and click on the Add Video button to add video files to the list. You can add one or many videos files since the software supports batch file conversion. Now since we want the extract only the audio part, select MP3 or any other audio file codec from “Convert To” drop down box. Audio profiles allow you to select bitrate as well which determine the quality of the audio. As a rule of thumb, higher the bitrate, bigger the file size.

The Movavi video converter has some editing capabilities too. For instance, if you wish to extract only a part of audio from the video, you can choose the fragment by moving the markers in the preview window. This way, only the marked part is converted.

Now, specify the destination folder where you want the audio files to outputted. If you do not specify one, default folder will be used. Now that we have specified all the settings, you can press the “Convert” button to commence the conversion process. Since the Movavi video converter makes use of advanced algorithms, it should not take a lot of time to encode the files. Once the encoding is done, a folder containing the audio files will open.

The Movavi video converter is capable of doing much more than just extracting audio though. It is a full featured video, image converter that also does the job of DVD ripper. You can convert between myriad video formats and rip DVD files to simple video files that can be played on any media device.

Best Samsung Galaxy Tablets and their Features

If you are planning to buy a tablet for your personal use, you would be overwhelmed with the huge variety of options you have available in the market. If you are looking for an android tablet, you can opt for the Galaxy Tab, which is known to off good value for your money. Below listed are the features of some of the most popular Galaxy tablets models that you can consider buying

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo

This tablet is one of cheapest tab from the house of Samsung. Considering the price range of Rs. 9,000 – to Rs. 10,000, one can say that this is a budget tab from Samsung that boasts of good specs as compared to other tabs in the similar price range. The tab packs in decent hardware specifications, which includes, 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor and a modest 1GB RAM. For all your memory needs, there is an 8 GB internal memory and there is also a slot for an external memory card expandable upto 32GB. The tab runs on Android v4.2 and boats of having a 2MP camera. If you compare Galaxy tab price India, you would find there not may models in the same price range to match up to its performance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is very similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo except that it has some enhanced features. This model comes with a 4000 mAh battery that keeps your device running all day without interrupting your work. If you love to click pictures, you would surely love using this tab as it comes with a 3.15 MP camera. You get all these wonderful features for just Rs. 10,500; an excellent bargain that provides full value for your money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T3110

If you want an 8-inch tablet from Samsung, you should opt for this Galaxy model. The tab is known for offering a great user experience, thanks to its incredible hardware features, which includes 5 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM that makes multi-tasking seamless. Another feature that deserves special mention is its powerful 4450 mAh battery that keeps you going all day long. The 5MP camera lets you click decent quality picture and capture those special moments with your loved ones. You can get your hands on this awesome tab for just Rs. 15,000/-

Samsung Galaxy Note

If 7 and 8 inch Tablets are not sufficient for your need, you can opt for Samsung Galaxy Note that comes with a huge 10.1” screen. On the hardware front, this model comes with 1.4 GHz Quad Core Processor and 2 GB RAM. The 5MP camera is a great feature that lets click good pictures and cherish the moments for long. The 16 GB internal memory provides sufficient space to keep your important documents and medial files saved for additional memory there is a slot for an external memory card expandable up to 64 GB. The tab is powered by Android v4.0.3. For a price tag of Rs. 22,500 (approx) this model is an excellent buy for everyone.

N8000. The salient features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 are: 3G, Wi-Fi, HDMI;; 2 GB RAM, 16 GB inbuilt memory; Battery 7000 mAH; 10.1 inches, 800 x 1280 pixel display; 5 MP Camera, which has flash; Memory Card Supported, up to 64 GB; Operating System is Android, v4.0.3. The approximate cost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 is Rs. 22,000.

Here are some other Tabs from Galaxy and their approximate prices. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 T231 (WiFi+3G+8GB) – Rs. 14,700; Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (WiFi+3G+16GB) – Rs. 27,500; Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 SM-T331 (WiFi+3G+16GB) – Rs. 23,000; Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 – Rs. 22,000; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 3G – Rs. 15,000; Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (WiFi+3G+16GB) – Rs. 33,500.

How to view SWF files on your Samsung Galaxy Tab

Few years back when Android made its debut into the mobile operating system market, one of its strongest points was the ability run SWF files natively. But when Android v4.1 made its debut then suddenly Adobe dropped the support and people were no longer able to view SWF files on their Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Now there is a way to view and SWF movies on the tablet thanks to the amazing SWF converter from Movavi. The converter lets you convert SWF to MP4 which are natively playable on any android device including Galaxy Tab series. These converted files are also playable on any modern operating system without conversion. Samsung’s native video player supports MP4 with hardware decoding that plays video without burning a lot of battery. Even the new windows media player is able to run these MP4 files natively which is a big plus.

Galaxy Tab tablets come in many resolutions. For instance the Galaxy Tab Pro has ultra high definition screen whereas the first gen Tab came with WSVGA display packing 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. The Movavi SWF converter lets you customize and tweak the output settings including the ability to change the frame rate and choose video codecs. You can even define a custom resolution if you are not specified by the resolution shown by a present. This way you are able to crisp and amazing video output.

How to view SWF files on your Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Movavi video converter also lets you prepare the SWF files for the DVD players. Simple tell it the input file and output file to MPEG-2 video format. Then burn those files to the DVD for media players and view them on the HDTV.

There are some audio editing abilities included with the Movavi video converter as well. For instance you can add a new sound track to your SWF files. For doing that just make a selection to the sound checkbox on the audio settings tab and choose micro phone.

Download and installing Movavi video converter is a piece of cake. Just get the 21.5 MB installer from their website and install it on your computer. All windows operating systems including 2000 / XP / vista and 7 are supported. Supported formats are DV, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, DivX, Xvid, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4, FLV and MPEG-4. The application is also able to encode the videos for other devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Sony PSP and windows phones.