Download Android 6 Marshmallow for Galaxy Tab P1000

Galaxy Tab P1000

The P1000 is the first generation android tablet from Samsung in the Galaxy series. Thanks to CyanogenMod, one was able to enjoy Android 6 Marshmallow on it. Samsung had abandoned it but the community didn’t which is why even after nearly a decade after its official release, it is still somehow able to get relatively new operating system.

The Android 6 ROM is working surprisingly well on with almost everything working as well. It is suggested to complete wipe of data, cache and system before installing the firmware.

Here are the installation instructions:

1. Install ROM zip, you will get a warning about partition size change of system if its the first time you flash, just flash it a second time to confirm the change, this will erase your data partition.
2. Install gapps from here. Do not reboot – install gapps first. If you skip this part, you will have to hard reset again for getting gapps running. You cannot install them later.
3. Reboot

What is working?

Camera (use third party such as open camera
Internal SD
Audio + vibrate
USB storage
External Storage

That is it. You are now running Android 6 Marshmallow on your Galaxy Tab P1000.

Root guide for Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 LTE SM-T365: Download TWRP for Tab Active 8

Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 LTE SM-T365

Root guide for the new Samsung Galaxy tab Active 8.0 is now available. Before you do the root, you will need TWRP for the Tab Active 8.0. Fortunately, we have the latest version of TWRP custom recovery available for the android tablet. Using this custom recovery, you will be able to flash all sorts of third party ROMs onto it. It would also be possible to flash hacks that require a modified TWRP.

Download the TWRP file on your computer from here. Then use the fastboot to flash the TWRP using the following command.

fastboot flash recovery TWRP-3.1.1-recovery.img

After installing the TWRP, it is now time to install root onto the Galaxy Tab Active 8.0. For that, install the ODIN file via file recovery in download mode using volume down + power + home button combo and then connect it to the computer.

And that is it – you have successfully downloaded and installed TWRP on the Tab Active android tablet. It is totally upto you if you want to root it or not. Some third party firmwares come pre-rooted so if you are planning to install a custom ROM, it may not be worth rooting your Samsung android tablet.

Laptop vs Tablet gaming: How good is the gaming experience on a Transformer Pad or should you buy a gaming laptop in UK

Given how crowded the tablet market is, the Transformer range launched by Asus in 2011, needs to be able to stand out from its rivals in order to make any real impression. The key area where the various Transformer Pads – from the Prime to the Infinity – need to hit the mark is gaming, as this is probably the single most popular use of mobile devices for the majority of users. Now that the price of cheap gaming laptops is around 500 pounds in UK, does it makes sense to spend similar amount on tablets? There’s game for every audience, whether you want Candy Crush or Subway Surfers, catering for children and grown-ups alike. So how good is, then, the gaming experience on a Transformer Pad compared to the laptop, iPad and Galaxy Tab?

Laptop vs Tablet gaming experience

The initial model, the Asus Transformer, launched back in March 2011 was arguably well behind rivals like the iPad when it came to gaming – but the subsequent Prime and Infinity models seem like they could close the gap on Apple. Android devices have always suffered in comparison with Apple ones thanks to the failure to attract the top games developers to create primarily for this OS along with poor battery life, but this is an area where they are now starting to really compete with Apple.

Many of the most popular iOS games, for example Football Manager 2012 Handheld, are now available for the Android OS as well – which means they can be played on a Transformer Pad. Also due to rising popularity of mobile power banks like Itian C1 Qi Wireless Car Charger, it is easier to prolong battery life runtimes.



It adds more than enough power to keep your Transformer Pad or Samsung galaxy tab tablet run for hours and hours. Furthermore, the actual experience of playing games on these devices has been enhanced significantly by the presence of the quad core Nvidia processor in the Galaxy Tab 3, Prime and the Infinity (as well as the cheaper 300 model) because this provides gamers with a combination of processing and graphics power that will make games such as Candy Crush ones much more enjoyable.

Anyway, the question arises if the cheap gaming laptops for 300 pounds in UK are a better buy than these tablets which costs about the same. The thing is these tablets can run games up to a certain level while you can actually enjoy Xbox level gameplay in case of laptops. You will also be able to connect gaming controllers in these 300 pounds gaming laptops in UK, something you cannot do in case of android tablets – yet.

So if you are into hardcore gaming, going into gaming laptops makes more sense otherwise tablets are a better buy. As befits such a high end tablet, the Infinity also boasts a screen size and image resolution which is virtually unsurpassed. Less expensive models like the 300 do not compete on this count, but the excellent processor, great choice of games and the option of a docking keyboard makes gaming on any Transformer Pad amongst the best tablet gaming experiences it is possible to have.

Download Lollipop Android 5.1 for P1000 Galaxy Tab

While Samsung stopped churning out Android updates for the original Galaxy Tab P1000 tablet, XDA has been actively releasing ROMs for it. The latest one brings Android 5.1 Lollipop update to it.

Download Lollipop Android 5.1 for P1000 Galaxy Tab

Here are the installation instructions on how to download and flash Android 5.1 lollipop on the P1000.

First download the ROM from here and put it onto the external SD card of P1000. Then go into custom recovery of P1000 and flash the ROM from there. The ROM has no gapp but can be easily flashed from here.

This ROM is made by Omni team which is behind many great firmwares for different devices including Galaxy Tab P1000.

Best KitKat firmware for Galaxy Tab P1000

Samsung supported the P1000, its first Android tablet for mere one year. It was released with Android 2.3 gingerbread operating system but was never upgraded to newer OS even though it was totally possible to do so. Fortunately XDA has been quite active and has been churning out quality ROMs after Samsung stopped supporting it. Now we have a ROM called Resurrection Remix that is based on AOKP, CM, PA, Omni and original Remix ROM builds. This KitKat ROM is fine tuned for performance and battery life. Here is the list of its features:

Best KitKat firmware for Galaxy Tab P1000

Active display
Lockscreen Notifications
Application side bar
Notification panel tweaks
Tiles style
Music Toggle
Pitch Black UI Mode
Camera mods
ListView Animations
Custom system animations
Custom progress bar
Screen recorder
Hardware buttons and navbar options
Status bar traffic monitor
Battery bar options
CRT animations
SB Brightness slider
Expanded desktop
Performance controller
Flip tiles
Theme chooser
Keyboard features
Lockscreen see blur and reduce slider
Show Wi-Fi name
Headset action
Low battery warning
Lock clock widget
Privacy guard
Permission management
Power sounds
Share ROM
Battery mods

Here are the installation instructions:

1.- Wipe data / factory reset (mandatory if you coming from STOCK OR 4.2.X version or another ROM)
2.- Install the Main ROM – download link
3.- Install gapps – link
4.- When you’re back on recovery go to Advanced
5.- Wipe Dalvik Cache
6.- Fix Permissions
7.- Wipe Cache Partition
8.- Reboot

– Download the latest build of Resurrection Remix ROM
– Take a nandroid backup
– Flash ROM using ClockworkMod recovery
– Flash Gapps
– Wipe cache
– Wipe dalvik cache
– Reboot

Download clock work mod 11 for Tab P1000

While Samsung abandoned the development of its original Galaxy Tab P1000, folks at xda developers are still quite active and have been churning out amazing firmwares for it on a regular basis. Today clock work mod a k a CM11 has been made available for it. The Clock work mod 11 is well appreciated for those who like clutter free android experience.

For ART runtime you can add a file local.prop into data folder and add line dalvik.vm.dexopt-data-only=1 in the file:…16&postcount=2 Then you can also add this line into the file build.prop in your and flash then this rom. To install the ROM, first save your internal sd card on PC and remove your external sd card. If you has TWRP: flash a CwM kernel and then reboot to CWM. Make sure to create a nandroid backup.

Download clock work mod 11 for Tab P1000

If you are on clock work mod 10.2, Wipe data/factory reset (optional, but highly recommended!).
If you do not want to do data wipe, select “wipe cache and wipe dalvik”. Format boot, format system and then flash CM11. Flash Gapps and reboot. If your Rom is set reboot to CWM, then backup and restore -> advanced restore -> restore data and reboot.

Galaxy Tab P1000 bloatware removal

I am not a huge fan of Samsung apps on my Tab and would love to get rid of that bloatware. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is by flashing a new ROM.

Features of this bloatware-free firmware:


* Removed Samsung Bloat
* ADW Launcher or TouchWiz Launcher
* 95% AOSP Gingerbread themed
* Custom Honeycomb style battery with percent indicator
* All Apps up to date
* De-Odexed
* Zip Aligned
* Rooted with Superuser and Busybox pre-installed. This means that you need not root it as it pre-rooted.

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CWM Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

To install ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) for Galaxy Tab P1000, follow these instructions:

1- Reboot your device in download mode (power button + volume down rocker)
2- Open Odin. If you do not have it on your PC, get it from galaxy tab plus official firmware post (see the bottom of the post).

3- Download Skin1980_P1010_CWM-RECOVERY-BETA-1.tar from this thread at XDA and select the file in the PDA field in ODIN;
4- Flash it.

Tip – Make a data backup of your Tab before you proceed.

Galaxy Tab P1000 Skype Video call Issue

Many Samsung Galaxy tab P1000 users are not able to get the video chat function on their tablet to work. Even the one available from the Google market does not work the way it should on the Tab. However, there is a solution  to this problem.


First, download this build of Skype from here and install the APK on your tablet. Then, go to Advanced Settings, and set the following:

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Faster App Launcher for Galaxy Tab P1000

A Chinese developer has made a very beautiful and fast app launcher for the Galaxy Tab P1000 tablet. Earlier, the launcher was Chinese-only, but thanks to the community efforts, it has now been made available in English. The launcher is called 360 Mobile desktop and has myriad of nice transitions and themes.

Faster app launcher galaxy tab

Here are its features:

Download theme from its site
Download custom lockscreen from its site
Download wallpaper from its site
Quick launcher widget (power widget)
Built in clock widget
Built in power saving widget (more setting requires 360 Battery Guard)
Folder in Home screen
Folder in Launcher
Unlimited apps in a Folder
Built in lockscreen
Built quick system setting widget

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Galaxy Tab P1000: T Mobile Stock ROM / firmware

Here is the stock ROM / firmware for the T-Mobile version of Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. This ROM contains no bootloader which is good as it would not brick your Tab in case the firmware is not properly flashed. Flash it in Odin from the PDA button, no .pit file, nothing else.


Download the firmware from here. You can the T mobile modem’s bin file from here. Credits to the rotohammer from xda developers. [via xda devs]

Galaxy Tab P1000: ROM without Touchwiz

Not a lot of people like Samsung’s custom user interface, which the company calls “TouchWiz”. This UI comes preinstalled on the Tab tablets and Samsung smartphones. Unfortunately, the company does not allows the user to turn it off and the only way to get stock Android experience is by installing a custom ROM.



*two keyboards to choose from (N1 and P1 keyboard) longpress a text field and choose input method
*New emoticons added
*Transparent circular zoom controls
*modded Volume Bar and text (created by diz)
*based off of Cyanogen RC 7.2 and AOSP
*made to be run in landscape at LCD density 180 (default) – but portrait is okay also
(blade buddy included for easy density changes)

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Best P1000 ROM

Overcome ROMs are best known for yielding great performance and stability. Its developer has released ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 as well. Here are its features:


* JPA Base Rom – ANDROID 2.3.3
* Overcome kernel 4.0.0 included
* No Modem is included – due to a variety of personal preference I decided to leave that
* Fully Deodexed
* Fully Zipaligned
* Rooted with busybox installed
* Reboot/Recovery/Download options added to the power menu
* Accurate battery mod
* Blur removed across system (i.e. behind power option menu) – significantly improves performance
* Power Off confirmation disabled
* Screen off animation enabled
* Overscroll Glow effect enabled
* Added AppWidgetPicker
* CSC set to XEU
* Ads Blocked
* Updated Market to 3.2.0
* Updated Maps to 5.11.0
* Flash Player removed due to compatibility issue – install from market and you’ll be all set.
* Updated GMail to
* Updated YouTube to 2.2.16
* Updated SamsungApps to 2.6.046
* Updated StreetView to
* Updated Thinkfree Office Suite
* Removed Startup/Shutdown sounds
* Cool boot animation
* A2DP Bluetooth Connection Fix Integrated
* SIP calling enabled over 3g AND WiFi
* Fugutweaks integrated
* Browser mods (enabled “Default Zoom” in settings, added “User Agent” in settings, set plugins to “on demand” by default)

Here is how to install it.

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