Edit photos easily with Movavi Photo Editor

There are tons of photo editors out there but let us face it – a lot of us do not feel very comfortable working with them. Reason is simple – they look too complex to work and thus we leave this photo editing work to the experts who charge quite a lot for editing pictures. Now, you can edit photos yourself with Movavi Photo Editor app that is available for both Windows operating system as well as for Macintosh. You can use it to edit the pictures stored on your Samsung galaxy tab or any picture from anywhere else.

Movavi Photo Editor (1)

Using Movavi Photo Editor does not require you to be a trained computer professional. All you need to know are computer basics and within a couple of minutes, you will feel just at home with this amazing app. To get started, you will need to download the app to your computer. Download it from the official website and install it by following its simple to follow onscreen instructions. If you are a Mac user, simply drag the downloaded DMG file into the Applications button on your dock to install the Movavi Photo Editor.

Start the picture editing software by double clicking it and import the picture to start editing it. You can click on the Adjust button to do various kinds of adjustments on it such as changing brightness of the picture; making it sharper and changing the temperature of the picture. All the effects are applied in real time so whatever is being displayed on the screen will be the final output of your picture. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always click on the Undo button or can revert back to the initial state to start afresh.

Movavi Photo Editor (2)

You can do other editing tasks like crop, flip, straighten and resize from the app itself. If you are not satisfied with the background of the image, you can swap it with another one of your choice. For this, select the area of the image using a green marker and then the background using red marker. Then, use the swap tool to replace it with plain background.

Movavi Photo Editor (3)

So, for instance, if there a person in the picture that you do not want to be in your final, edited picture, you can remove him completely using this tool. Supported formats include BMP, DPX, EXR, GIF (not animated), JJPEG, JPEG-LS, JPEG 2000, PBM, PAM, PGM, PCX, PIC, PGMYUV, PNG, PIX, PTX, PPM, Sun Rasterfile, TIFF, TARGA, WebP, XFace, XBM, XWD and you can output the files in BMP, DPX, JPEG, PCX, PBM, PNG, PGM, PPM, TIFF, TGA and XBM formats.