AOSP ROM for Galaxy Tab E – Vanilla Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560NU

Download AOSP ROM for Galaxy Tab E

Samsung might have stopped churning out updates for the Galaxy Tab E but XDA developers is still busy developing for this relatively new android tablet. If you are looking for AOSP ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab E, something that is vanilla and comes debloated, this is the ROM you should install on your tablet.

Before you proceed, make sure you have backed up all files on your Samsung tablet as it will be wiped clean after installing this vanilla AOSP firmware. Also, download and install minimal ADB on your computer. This ADB will be used to talk with your tablet when we will be connecting it for installing the AOSP ROM.

Instructions for installing AOSP ROM for Galaxy Tab E

* Download all files mentioned here. If you are using LTE variant, get files from here.
* Reboot into recovery mode [Press Power+Volume Up+Home].
* Wipe your data and cache partition (equivalent to doing a Factory Reset) if you are coming from a stock ROM.
* Either: Plug in your phone into your computer, copy the zip file to a location on your Internal or External Storage on a device, click Install on TWRP on your Galaxy Tab E and locate the zip file in the Galaxy Tab E, or:
* Plug in your Galaxy Tab E into your computer, and open Advanced->ADB Sideload on TWRP on your Galaxy Tab E and swipe the slider to enter sideload mode.
Then open a command prompt/terminal on your computer in the folder you put the file by Shift-Clicking (Shift+Right Click) and selecting “Open Command Prompt/Terminal Here” (you will need to have adb installed) and type:

adb sideload

* This will sideload the file. Replace with the name of the file. If you are running Linux you may need to type adb kill-server and use sudo adb sideload if you get an `Insufficient Permissions` error.
* Download and flash GApps in the same way.