Root Galaxy Tab A7 SM-T500/T505

Want to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet? Follow these steps.

Root Galaxy Tab A7

You will have to enable OEM unlocking on your Galaxy Tab A7. For this go to Developer Options to ‘Settings’ > ‘About tablet’ > ‘Software Information’ and then tapping building number five times. After that, go into developer options and enable OEM unlocking.

Then, we will be unlocking the bootloader. For that, you will need to power off the tablet completely. Hold Volume Up and Volume Down keys together, connect it to your computer using the USB cable. You will now be taken to bootloader screen.

Long pressing the volume up key will take you to mode where you can press volume up key to unlock bootloader. Tab A7’s bootloader is now unlocked.

Download firmware package from here to root Tab A7. Make sure to use newer firmware. Press the “Install” button and then “Select and Patch a File” from the list of available methods. This should open the file selector, so navigate to the internal storage and select the AP firmware you transferred during the previous step. Once the file is selected, hit “LET’S GO” to start the patching process. This should take a minute or so because the AP firmware is quite a heavy file. Once it is done, the patched AP firmware with the filename “magisk_patched_xxxxx.tar” (where “xxxxx” is an arbitrary code) should be stored inside the “Download” folder of your tab’s internal storage.

Now, we will be patching AP firmware using ODIN software. Connect Tab A7 and copy magisk_patched.tar to download folder. Paste this patched AP firmware along with rest of firmware files and then, disconnect your tablet once you’ve transferred the patched firmware.

The BL firmware file (BL_T500/5XXXXXXX_xxxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5) goes to the “BL” slot

The CP firmware file (CP_T505XXXXXX_xxxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5) goes to the “CP” slot. Note that the CP firmware only applies to the Tab A7 LTE variant with the SM-T505 model number.

The HOME_CSC firmware file (HOME_CSC_OMC_ODM_T500/5XXXXXXX_xxxxxxxxx.tar.md5) goes to the “CSC” slot. We will not be using the regular CSC, as it will erase all the data. If you want to do that, feel free to use it.

And finally, the patched AP firmware file (magisk_patched.tar) goes to the “AP” slot.