TWRP Custom recovery and Root instructions for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 T116

Custom recovery for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite T116 is available and that will open doors for custom ROMs and all other sorts of hacks. We will also show you how to root Tab 3 Lite 7.0. There is not a lot of development or this android tablet and we one of the few blogs covering about it. Anyway, here is how you download and install TWRP custom recovery on it.

Download TWRP Custom recovery and Root instructions for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 T116

Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 T116 TWRP custom recovery

* Download the twrp recovery from here – select tar format
* you will be upgrading to v3 manually.
* Download Odin v3.10 from here and copy them to a place you know on ur pc such as Desktop
* Boot your Tab 3 lite to download mode by: pressing “power + home + vol down”
* open Odin.exe and connect your tab and press volume up. At this stage Odin should recognise your device.
* UNTICK AUTO REBOOT or you wont be able to enter recovery. Tap pn AP and go to the recovery you downloaded. Select it. Press on Start to begin the flashing process.
* After Odin flashes the recovery it will tell you Pass. Now, when the screen goes black change and hold HOME + VOLUME UP and this will make you Tab 3 Lite 7.0 enter TWRP.

Root Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 T116

1. Download Chainfire’s SuperSu flashable zip from here
2. Reboot to recovery and allow TWRP to make modifications to the system partition.
3.1. Select install
3.2. navigate to your supersu zip: /sdcard/* or /extsdcard/*

4.1. select it
4.2. swipe to confirm
4.3. select wipe cache/dalvik and reboot.

Now you have a Custom Recovery and you are rooted.

Download Galaxy Tab S2 T713 stock firmware: T713XAR1APD9 firwmare download links

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T713 stock firmware is available for download. This will be extremely useful to recover from a soft brick or if you have messed up the system files and want to go back to factory state. Here are the details of this T713XAR1APD9 firmware:

Download Galaxy Tab S2 T713 stock firmware

* Model Name: Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
* Model: SM-T713
* Country: Cellular South (XAR)
* Firmware Version: T713XXU1APD9
* OS: Android Marshmallow
* OS Version: 6.0.1

Just keep in mind that this Galaxy Tab S2 T713 stock T713XAR1APD9 firmware requires ODIN to flash which means you need a windows computer to flash it. After installing it, it will take you to official Tab S2 android marshmallow firmware which is v6.0.1.

Best latest stable firmware for Galaxy Tab P7510 P7500: Download Jelly Bam ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you are looking for a stable firmware for your old Samsung android tablet, Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be specific, then look no further than the new Jelly Bam firmware. While this may not give you the latest android version which is Nougat for Galaxy Tab 10.1, it is most stable and reliable. Features of this ROM:

Best latest stable firmware for Galaxy Tab P7510 P7500

– Overall features of AOKP, CM10 and PARANOID –
– Custom JellyBam Settings with preferences –
– Tons of customizations –
– GAPPS Included –
– Hacked youtube with 720p playback –
– Bravia Engine –
– Awesome audio Mods –
– XLoud sound mods –
– Themes and Mods in JellyBam style –
– Latest CM10/AOKP Kernel compiled from sources –
– New Mali driver –
– Exynos HWComposer –
– Lockscreen with x8 Custom app targets –
– New optimus 4x circle lockscreen –
– Ability to customize color and alpha of the optimus lockscreen –
– Bravia Engine libraries –
– Bravia XLoud audio libraries –
– Paranoid Android settings –
– Per-App-DPI Changer –
– Per-App-Color –
– Custom home action and hardware button in lockscreen –
– Quick/Long click on weather and clock actions –
– JellyBam Panel in settings app –
– AOKP and CyanogenMod Settings –
– Mass storage mode –
– Apollo Music Player (Themed) –
– Quick SMS –
– Init.d scripts –
– JellyBOOM script –
– Media quality tweak –
– 3G and GPS Tweak –
– RAM Optimization + Multitasking –
– SmoothScrolling tweak –
– V6 Supercharger included –
– Trebuchet Launcher –
– Touchwiz Launcher with samsung weather widget –
– JellyBam custom Bootanimation by metallaxis –
– Center Clock/No clock/Right Clock –
– Volume Panel (Volume Rocker allows you to change ALL volume levels in one Menu) –
– Lockscreen Weather –
– Lockscreen Vibration on/off toggle –
– Performance/Color Settings –
– Brightness Control Slider –
– Multilang –
– JellyBam Style –

Installation instructions:

Download the latest revision of JellyBam ROM for your device from here
Place the zip into your internal SDCard
Boot into CWM recovery of P7500.
Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe dalvik cache (Inside advanced tab)
Install zip from internal SDCard

That is it, you now have the most stable firmware on your Samsung tablet.

Android 7.1.1 Nougat update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7510, P7500 and T859

Samsung abandoned the first generation Galaxy Tab 10.1 long time back but folks at xda have been taking care of all of its variants from quite some time. Infact, they even released Android 7.1.1 which is also known as Nougat aka the latest version of the android. It is available for the 3G, wifi and T-mobile variants, so GT-P7510, GT-P7500 and SGH-T859 are covered. Its kernel features are listed below.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7510, P7500 android 7.1.1

CPU overclock (1.2Ghz – 1.6Ghz)
CPU voltage control
CPU temperature readings
GPU overclock (400Mhz)
L2 cache optimization
Voodoo Sound
USB Charging
Updated WIFI driver
ZRAM backports

The developers were able to get everything working except for camera and 3G. Installation instructions are given below.

Backup all data
Install TWRP or newer
Wipe cache, dalvik cache, system, data
Install the ROM
Optional steps:
– Install gapps pico
– Install phh Superuser
Boot the ROM
Enable on screen keyboard by toggling "Show input method"

Since there are no gapps onboard, you should get them from

Download Android 7 Nougat for Galaxy Tab S2

Download Android 7 Nougat for Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung may or may not release Android 7 Nougat for the Galaxy Tab S2 but that has not stopped folks at XDA from churning out a ROM that works on it. In fact, the custom android 7 Nougat ROM has everything working except for the video recording. Also no gapps are installed but are there and you can flash them from the custom recovery of Galaxy Tab S2.

Installation instructions:
* Install image in TWRP (download link to ROMs, SM-T815 / SM-T810)
* reboot to recovery
* install opengapps (I used pico) and supersu to obtain root on Galaxy Tab S2.

There you go – you now have android 7 on your galaxy tab s2 which is the latest version of android right now. If you prefer more stable builds, consider installing cm13 or official android 6 for tab s2 from here.

Again, while almost everything is working, there are couple of bugs. First is unable to video recording and second is pictures are saved with wrong orientation but those are going to bug you only if you use camera. Not a lot of people I know use camera on their tablets so it should not be a big deal. 

Movavi Photo DeNoise Review

We perfectly understand that it can get very frustrating to take pictures of something important and later on, coming to realise that the most of the pictures you took were too noisy. There are plethora of reasons why a photo turned out to be noisy. The most common factor is poor lightning conditions. That said, there are some amazing applications that let you get rid of the noise and the most recommend application is Movavi Photo DeNoise.

Movavi Photo DeNoise for Win

Using Movavi Photo DeNoise, you will be able to instantly denoise the photo. The application makes use of smart removal algorithm to get rid of any and every type of digital noise and in the end, this noise reduction software will yield super crisp, detailed pictures. It comes with several other amazing algorithms that smart sharpen the images by getting rid of noise without losing details, making the picture look vivid and crisp.

To get started, download the application on your computer. It is available for both Mac and windows operating system. Mac users will get DMG file for installation which they have to drag to the Applications folder to complete the installation. Windows users get EXE file which has an easy-to-follow installer, allowing one to install the application in few mouse clicks. Now that the installation has completed, start the application by double clicking on it.


Click on “Browse for images” button to start adding the images that you want to denoise. It is also possible to simply drag and drop the images to the application window.

Now, go to the Denoise tab and start tinkering with the Light noise field. Move the slider to the right to start denoising the picture. Feel free to play with other image editing controls like Color Noise and Radius. Change the intensity of the denoise filter by moving the slider to the left or right.


The application also lets you crop, level and rotate the pictures. If you going to share this picture on a social media networking site, you might want to use resize option in the application that will drastically reduce the size of the pictures, allowing you to share the pictures much more easily. You can also use this option for email.


Now that we have done denoising the image, it is time to save the modified pictures. Click on the Export button to save them to the hard disk of your computer.

Best smartphones and ultrabook for gaming and productivity

There are two types of smartphone shoppers out there. One buy smartphones for gaming and social networking and second category purchase them for doing productivity work on the move. While gaming is best done on an Xbox or Play station, you cannot take them everywhere with you. That is why gamers demand phones with solid graphics that will enable them to play console quality games o the move. In this article we will tell you the best smartphones for gaming and productivity. Same is case with ultrabook laptops in UK that being used by more and more gamers these days.

Best smartphones for gaming and productivity

Ultrabooks are now being used for more and more tougher things these days. There are now ultrabooks for AutoCAD, photoshop, graphics designing and even video editing. But first, let us talk about Samsung phones that great for productivity and gaming. The first phone on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S6 which replaces the Galaxy S5 that has been on sale from the past one year. The S6 brings a much improved processor and an all new design. The Galaxy S6 looks different from any Samsung out there, thanks to its all glass construction and unibody design.

While it has same screen size as the yester year’s model, it packs better resolution, higher storage capacity and more memory. It also comes pre loaded with Microsoft applications like Office suite and OneDrive that will keep you productive on the move. And since it packs the latest graphics processing unit, the Samsung Galaxy S6 can play any game available on the Android play store.

Now let us talk about ultrabook laptops in UK. These are being used by a lot of laptop users, especially for gaming as they are thin and light. While they cost extra, you will be able to find some cheap gaming ultrabooks in UK for 400, and even 500 pounds. Gaming ultrabooks in UK can be bought for as low as 500 pounds in UK. These gaming ultrabook laptops have high quality and can also be used for productivity. Just make sure you buy only the ones recommended by experts.

Our second recommendation is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Often touted as the world’s best phablet, the Note 4 offers so much more than just being a phone with a big display. Like the Galaxy S6, it offers a quad HD display packing 2,560 x 1,440 pixels but it offers a few extra perks like removable battery and stylus support. One can remove the Note 4’s battery by removing the back panel. The stylus (which is called S-Pen) allows you to jot notes just like you do with pen and paper. Screen of the Samsung Note 4 measures 5.7 inches which is great for doing multi tasking and playing games. You should take a look at the latest Samsung mobile price list to make sure you do not spend more.

Another great smartphone for doing both gaming and productivity is Motorola’s Moto X. It has 5.2 inch display and packs full HD resolution. Like the two aforementioned Galaxy phones, it too comes with top of the line Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor that hums at 2.5 GHz clock speed. It can practically any game out there with ease. It is a great productivity tool too, thanks to built in LTE, 3G and great display quality. Moto X offers cleaner Android experience. There is no Samsung Touch Wiz interface running on top which is well known for consuming extra resources.

However if you are really tight on budget, consider taking a look at the Asus Zenfone 5. It features a dual core Atom processor and Power VR SGX544MP2 GPU that handles even demanding games like Real Racing and Need for Speed easily. Business users will appreciate its big 5 inch display with IPS technology. The screen is very crisp and great for looking and editing documents on the go. Other nifty features include A-GPS, big 2110 mAh battery and micro SD card slot.

Galaxy Note 3: While the Note 3 has been superseded by Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it still offers an impressive package for businessmen. You get a very powerful octa core Exynos processor by Samsung and a S-Pen stylus support. Stylus is same as the one present on Note 4. The processor is more than enough capable to play any application or game on the Google play store. Like Note 4, you get removable battery which is useful for those who like to use their phone a lot. You can swap batteries on the move and can prolong runtimes.

However if you are into iOS operating system, the best choice is iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 Plus offers a big display with dual window support, allowing users to see a lot of information on the screen simultaneously. The battery, unlike the Note series by Samsung, is not removable. But on the bright side, you get amazing battery life. Microsoft recently made Office available to iPhone and this has increased the productivity value of the iPhone.

If you love windows platform, then we recommend going for the Microsoft Lumia 950XL. It has a massive 5.5 inch full HD display with IPS technology. It offers great gaming performance. And since it is a windows 10 mobile, you get Microsoft Office built in, allowing you to get productive straight out of the box. Windows mobile store has matured a lot over the past few years and offers great gaming titles like Halo and Modern Combat.

Laptop vs Tablet gaming: How good is the gaming experience on a Transformer Pad or should you buy a gaming laptop in UK

Given how crowded the tablet market is, the Transformer range launched by Asus in 2011, needs to be able to stand out from its rivals in order to make any real impression. The key area where the various Transformer Pads – from the Prime to the Infinity – need to hit the mark is gaming, as this is probably the single most popular use of mobile devices for the majority of users. Now that the price of cheap gaming laptops is around 500 pounds in UK, does it makes sense to spend similar amount on tablets? There’s game for every audience, whether you want Candy Crush or Subway Surfers, catering for children and grown-ups alike. So how good is, then, the gaming experience on a Transformer Pad compared to the laptop, iPad and Galaxy Tab?

Laptop vs Tablet gaming experience

The initial model, the Asus Transformer, launched back in March 2011 was arguably well behind rivals like the iPad when it came to gaming – but the subsequent Prime and Infinity models seem like they could close the gap on Apple. Android devices have always suffered in comparison with Apple ones thanks to the failure to attract the top games developers to create primarily for this OS along with poor battery life, but this is an area where they are now starting to really compete with Apple.

Many of the most popular iOS games, for example Football Manager 2012 Handheld, are now available for the Android OS as well – which means they can be played on a Transformer Pad. Also due to rising popularity of mobile power banks like Itian C1 Qi Wireless Car Charger, it is easier to prolong battery life runtimes.



It adds more than enough power to keep your Transformer Pad or Samsung galaxy tab tablet run for hours and hours. Furthermore, the actual experience of playing games on these devices has been enhanced significantly by the presence of the quad core Nvidia processor in the Galaxy Tab 3, Prime and the Infinity (as well as the cheaper 300 model) because this provides gamers with a combination of processing and graphics power that will make games such as Candy Crush ones much more enjoyable.

Anyway, the question arises if the cheap gaming laptops for 300 pounds in UK are a better buy than these tablets which costs about the same. The thing is these tablets can run games up to a certain level while you can actually enjoy Xbox level gameplay in case of laptops. You will also be able to connect gaming controllers in these 300 pounds gaming laptops in UK, something you cannot do in case of android tablets – yet.

So if you are into hardcore gaming, going into gaming laptops makes more sense otherwise tablets are a better buy. As befits such a high end tablet, the Infinity also boasts a screen size and image resolution which is virtually unsurpassed. Less expensive models like the 300 do not compete on this count, but the excellent processor, great choice of games and the option of a docking keyboard makes gaming on any Transformer Pad amongst the best tablet gaming experiences it is possible to have.

Deodexed rooted ROM for MultiCSC for SM-T715 Galaxy tab s2

MultiCSC ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T715 is available for download. It comes with custom kernel packing these features:

Deodexed rooted ROM for MultiCSC

init.d support
Custom permissive kernel built from Samsung sources
default : permissive enable
You can come back to enforcing by Terminal (su setenforce 1)

Features of this ROM:

* Deodexed
* All this ROM com with French (XEF) Csc by default.
* MultiCsC include (more than 40): After install, use Phone Info here to change CsC.
* You will lost all your unsaved data (no problem with data on SD card)
* Build on the latest stock Rom T715XXU2BPD6 and T715OXA2BPD6
* Knox removed
* Rooted and Supersu v2.74 and busybox Stericson v1.24.2 installed
* External SD Card r/w fix
* CSC & Build.prop features (some features not tested)
* Enable Mode multi-users
* Add 5 way menu boot  +screenshot and recorder screen
* Add Data/App Support (TB , Adfree, Phone info, etc.)

Installation instructions:

Download T715 Jafangie ver 2.1 ROM
Download Rom Zip on Computer and push it on your extsdcard.
Download T715_Jaf_6.0.1_v2.1 from AFH
MD5 Hash :e230a827f6fb7316537465c83603896b
Flashing requirements
– Recovery for T715 you can find it here.
– Jafangie Rom.
If you come from 6.0.1 Rom, you don’t need this extra step:
Download and Extract the file from here Bootloader and Modem for ROM T715_6.0.1
Use odin 3.10.x to push bootloader (line BL) and modem (on line CP).

Turn off your Galaxy Tab S2.
Reboot to "Recovery Mode" .
(Press volume up + Home +Power buttons on boot at same time for 8 seconds until recovery mode is active.).
Perform a Full wipe (wipe Data, wipe Cache and wipe Dalvik Cache)
Choose install zip/ choose zip from /storage/extSdCard1 and flash Rom from location on sdcard
Reboot and let sit for 8-10 minutes (very long) to settle in.
Choose your csc using phone info.

Download CM13 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (experimental build)

Folks at XDA developers have churned out cyanogen mod 13 aka CM13 for the tab S2 android tablet. It is still experimental in nature and if you are looking for a daily driver, consider getting the CM12 for galaxy tab s2. This ROM is only for the SM-T710 model and so far these things are not working:

Download CM13 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

* fingerprint scanner
* camera
* LTE module
* microphone not working

Installation instructions:

If you haven’t run stock Android 6.x, flash that first with odin. (image won’t boot without this step).
If you don’t have TWRP yet, get it from here.
Download the ROM from here and the Gapps that are located below to your device
Reboot into TWRP by holding VOL UP + POWER + HOME on boot
In case things go wrong make a backup
After the backup has completed return to home and select Wipe and then Advanced Wipe
Now only tick Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Cache
After ticking those, Swipe below to wipe
Once the wipe has completed return to home and select the ROM
After you selected the ROM swipe below to install it
After the ROM has installed flash the Gapps. Recommended GAPPS by : (I use pico).

When all of this is done, reboot into system, wait, and enjoy CM12.1. Rooting instructions:
* In CM 13.0 Enable the developer options
* Select Root access
* Select Apps Only

Galaxy Tab S2 CM12 download: Download cyanogen mod 12.1 for the Samsung Tab S2

Galaxy Tab S2 CM12 is here finally thanks to folks at XDA and installation instruction for downloading and installing CM12 aka cyanogen mod 12.1 for the Samsung Tab S2 are given below. It shall be noted that while almost everything except MTP and microphone is working, this cyanogen mod 12.1 for the Samsung Tab S2 ROM is still very much in beta stage so there could be many bugs. We suggest not to use it as your daily driver.

Download Galaxy Tab S2 CM12

* If you don’t have TWRP yet, get Tab S2 TWRP from here.
* Download latest ROM build from here and the Gapps that are located below to your device. Get gapps package from opengapps website.
* Reboot into TWRP by holding VOL UP + POWER + HOME on boot
* In case things go wrong make a backup
* After the backup has completed return to home and select Wipe and then Advanced Wipe
* Now ONLY tick Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Cache
* After ticking those, Swipe below to wipe
* Once the wipe has completed return to home and select the ROM
* After you selected the ROM swipe below to install it
* After the ROM has installed flash the Gapps
* When all of this is done, reboot into system, wait, and enjoy CM12.1

Download cyanogen mod 12.1 for the Samsung Tab S2

To root Tab S2 in CM 12.1, enable the developer options and select Root access > Apps Only > Done. No need to flash anything extra – everything is built in.

Download MIUI7 for Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (sm-t217t)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SM-t217t gets MIUI7 and you can download it from here. The firmware is very stable and has multi language support. Its super fast, quick to boot, and offers great user interface. What so great about it is the fact you can find lot of MIUI themed icons from the playstore apps. It even has permission management. MIUI7 for Galaxy Tab 3 is also pre rooted so no need to separately root Galaxy Tab 3 7.0.

Download MIUI7 for Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 sm-t217t

If you are using an app that requires root permissions, follow this. To grant root permission open the app that need root permission, will say you have not root access. Now go to "Security" App (MIUI) -> Permissions -> Root Access, and grant root to that app. Alternatively, you can go to individual apps. For that go to “security” app > permissions  and you will find a lot of options there. You can install an OTA manually too – just download the zipped download onto your storage and then go into the Galaxy Tab 3 TWRP recovery to flash it. Here is to install the ROM.

– Download The ROM and OPEN GAPPS 4.4 arm pico (
– Download
– Download The kernel from here
– Boot into Recovery (TWRP)
– Make Backup
– Wipe / Factory Reset
– Flash
* Kernel
– Reboot System
*After Successful reboot Now Flash The Pico The KK GApps
*After it boots you’ll see FC of AOSP keyboard Go to setting and disable The AOSP keyboard and download another keyboard from playstore.

This MIUI7 for Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (sm-t217t) is near flawless but the stock camera for some reason is not working. No need to worry as download camera 360 from playstore will make it functional again. Also when the system boots, the AOSP force closes so download any third party keyboard from playstore.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 Marshmallow: Download android 6 for P6800 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung might have made the Galaxy Tab 7.7 stuck at Android ICS but that has not stopped the folks at XDA from churning out Galaxy Tab 7.7 Marshmallow android 6 ROMs. Here is how to flash android 6 for P6800 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Download Galaxy Tab 7.7 android 6 Marshmallow

1. Latest TWRP for Galaxy Tab 7.7 (2.8.6.x or above) is required.
2. Download ROM (+Gapps (+SuperSU)) and copy to the SD card (external or internal – if you want gapps and root of course. Or you can root Galaxy Tab 7.7 later.
3. Backup data to external sd and keep in a safe place
4. Reboot to recovery (Press [PWR] + [Vol+], Release [PWR] when Samsung Logo appear)
5. Factory reset / wipe data
6. Flash ROM (+Gapps and SuperSU if you want to ROOT)
7. Reboot and wait for at least 10min. (Block mode not working for all devices. It might take longer for post setup).

How to enable "Developer options" in Settings?
1. Settings > About Tablet
2. Hit "Build number" 7 times
To restore the default state (Developer options hiding):
1. Settings > Apps
2. Select the app "Settings"
3. Hit "Storage"

Download links:

Download official Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 3G Wi-Fi firmwares

Some time back we mentioned official rooted ICS firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 android tablet but what if you want to roll back to the latest official firmware? No need to fret as we will give you links to the official Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 3G Wi-Fi firmwares so that you can get back to factory settings.

Download official Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 3G Wi-Fi firmware

This includes P6800DXLA2_CSC_STH.exe, P6800DXLP7_CSC_THL.exe, P6800DXLP8_CSC_XME.exe and P6800XXLQ2_CSC_ATO.exe. Flashing instructions with ODIN are given below:

1. Just download the firmware version you want from the second or third posts and extract the .tar or .tar.md5 file in the archive and save it somewhere
2. Reboot your phone to download mode. To get download mode shut down the device. After it shuts off completely simultaneously press the Down volume key+press the power button. You should see a warning asking you to press volume up if you want to continue or volume down to cancel, press volume up. You are now in download mode!
3. Start Odin
4. Click on the PDA button and browse to the .tar or .tar.md5 file that you extracted in step 1.
5. Do not tick repartition.
6. Connect the USB cable and wait for the ID:COM section to turn yellow
7. Click start to flash
8. Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device, it will reboot when it finishes.