AOSP ROM for Galaxy Tab E – Vanilla Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560NU

Download AOSP ROM for Galaxy Tab E

Samsung might have stopped churning out updates for the Galaxy Tab E but XDA developers is still busy developing for this relatively new android tablet. If you are looking for AOSP ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab E, something that is vanilla and comes debloated, this is the ROM you should install on your tablet.

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Galaxy Tab E official ROM download link (4G LTE version T377AUCU3BRD1) for getting 4G LTE speeds back

Looking for the official download link for the 4G LTE T377AUCU3BRD1 variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet? This tutorial is great for those as well who are stuck at 3G HSDPA speeds and 4G LTE speeds are not coming back.

Download Galaxy Tab E official ROM

You would not have much luck finding this ROM if your tablet is stuck in factory binary mode. A good fellow has uploaded it google drive which otherwise costs about 5 dollars.

Download link.

However, if you are looking for a less bloated version of it, follow these steps.

After flashing this firmware, you will be able to get the 4G LTE speed back. It takes about 20 minutes to boot afterwards – no need to worry.

1) Boot into Odin Download Mode
2) Open ODIN and Load BL, AP, and CP only (Leave out the CSC)
3) Under Option tab ensure Auto Reset, Nand Erase, F. Reset Time are the only options selected.
4) Flash
5) Tablet boots into recovery, Perform a data and cache wipe
6) Reboot and wait the 20 minutes for the tablet to boot
7) I also went into Developers Options and deselected Auto Update System. Not sure if this is for OTA’s or not, but hoping

Download TWRP for Galaxy Tab E SM-T377P/SM-T560NU

If you are looking to flash a new ROM or some mod on your Samsung galaxy Tab E, model number SM-T377P / SM-T560NU, you will have to install TWRP on it. So what is TWRP? It is a custom recovery that opens gates for installing third party firmware. Just keep in mind that after installing TWRP on your Galaxy Tab E tablet, you will no longer be able to avail warranty on it.

Galaxy Tab E

Download link for TWRP:


How to install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy Tab E?

For this, you will have to download ODIN on your windows computer. Mac/Linux are not supported. You can download ODIN from here.

* Enable Developer Mode on your phone and unlock the bootloader from the Settings, if not done already.
* Download a recent .tar archive from the links above for your device.
* Reboot into Download Mode [Press Power+Volume Down+Home].
* Flash the tar archive using ODIN by clicking AP and selecting the .tar file you just downloaded.

It should now reboot. That is it. You have successfully installed TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy Tab E android tablet. You can now install any third party ROM on it.

Download Android 6 Marshmallow for Galaxy Tab P1000

Galaxy Tab P1000

The P1000 is the first generation android tablet from Samsung in the Galaxy series. Thanks to CyanogenMod, one was able to enjoy Android 6 Marshmallow on it. Samsung had abandoned it but the community didn’t which is why even after nearly a decade after its official release, it is still somehow able to get relatively new operating system.

The Android 6 ROM is working surprisingly well on with almost everything working as well. It is suggested to complete wipe of data, cache and system before installing the firmware.

Here are the installation instructions:

1. Install ROM zip, you will get a warning about partition size change of system if its the first time you flash, just flash it a second time to confirm the change, this will erase your data partition.
2. Install gapps from here. Do not reboot – install gapps first. If you skip this part, you will have to hard reset again for getting gapps running. You cannot install them later.
3. Reboot

What is working?

Camera (use third party such as open camera
Internal SD
Audio + vibrate
USB storage
External Storage

That is it. You are now running Android 6 Marshmallow on your Galaxy Tab P1000.

Kids Mode for Galaxy Tab 3 with Android Kitkat available for download [T31x]

Kids Mode for Galaxy Tab 3

If you have kids playing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, you might want to have this kids mode feature that lets kids play with the tablet without deleting or modifying anything. Kids mode allows parents to control applications and media and even set time limits for each day. This is only for stock Galaxy Tab 3 stock kitkat ROM. Only for T31x variant.

This mod for Galaxy Tab 3 comes with kids camera, media viewer and sound recorder. It also has kids launcher and parental controls. You can of course, download more applications to be included Kids Store or allow access to any downloadable application from the Play Store.

To flash it, download the package from here; put them in root of internal storage and flash it in TWRP Galaxy Tab 3 custom recovery. It works only with Android 4.4.2 operating system and it won’t even work with the android 4.4.4 OS.

After installing the package, you will find its icon in app drawer of your Galaxy Tab 3.

Download Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Lineage OS Android 7 Nougat to get latest android

Download Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Lineage OS

LineageOS 14.1 is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 which brings android 7 Nougat to the android tablet. Here are steps on how to flash this android nougat ROM via ODIN onto your tablet.

Make sure you have a full backup because just in case you something fails. Here are the steps to flash this via ODIN.

Reboot your tablet into download mode. Do this by first switching off the phone, then pressing and holding the volume down + home button together and then pressing the power button. Press volume up button to enter download mode.

Open ODIN on your computer. You’ll see the ID:COM box turning yellow with a COM port number upon successful connection with the tablet.

In ODIN click the BL button, select the bootloader firmware. It’s a tar file.

Make sure Auto Reboot & F. Reset Time options are selected in ODIN

Click on the start button. When the process is completed your phone will reboot.

Just keep in mind that custom kernel, mods and xposed are not supported.

Installation instructions:

Download the zip file of ROM
Install a compatible Recovery (This will not work with the P900 recovery)
–I have built a new version of TWRP with the MM kernel. MTP, Vibrations, ADB now work and there are performance increases.
Perform a nandroid backup of your current ROM (optional)
Wipe data/factory reset
Flash LineageOS
Install the Google Apps addon package (Optional)

Use micro SD for storage in Galaxy Tab S3 [SM-T825/T820]

Samsung had the guts to release its powerful tablet, Galaxy Tab S3 with mediocre storage but what the fans even more furious was their decision to remove adoptable storage function from android. This means, you were not allowed to move applications and games stored on the internal storage of your Galaxy Tab S3 to micro SD card. Fortunately, an XDA developer user found a way to do.

Galaxy Tab S3

For this, you will need to have Galaxy Tab S3 TWRP custom recovery installed on your device. Then, install adoptable_storage_enabler_ashyx and then this, no-verity-no-encrypt_ashyx. After this, reboot your tablet and look for a popup in notification bar that says "new SD card detected".

After that, click on “Set up” > “use as internal storage” > next > erase and format > Next and you’re done.

Optional – Move/Migrate existing data via "Settings —> Device maintenance —> Storage —> Storage Settings (three dots) —> SD card —> Migrate Data (three dots)".

After this, any application or game that you install will be installed automatically on the micro SD card.

Android Oreo 8.1 for Galaxy Tab S3: LineageOS 15.1 brings Android 8 to Samsung Tab S3

Thanks to the developer behind LineageOS, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 users are able to get Android 8.1 Oreo on their tablets. This is a third party ROM, so you will need to have TWRP custom recovery installed in order to install custom ROM, like this one.

Android Oreo 8.1

Here is how to install it on your Tab S3:

1. Install twrp for Tab S3.
2. Download the zip(s) – firmware and Google Apps additional package (, Platform: ARM64, Android: 8.1, Variant: any, usually I’m using micro or nano)
3. Backup all partitions (it least efs) and store somewhere – it need to do – because you can loose imei
4. Full wipe all
5. Flash firmware and gapps

Keep in mind that microphone is not working during calls but who uses their tablet for making calls? Other than that, everything is working like a charm.

Again, this is a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and after installing it, your warranty will be voided. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get latest Android on your tablet as Samsung appears to be reluctant in pushing any more updates to this tablet.

Root guide for Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 LTE SM-T365: Download TWRP for Tab Active 8

Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 LTE SM-T365

Root guide for the new Samsung Galaxy tab Active 8.0 is now available. Before you do the root, you will need TWRP for the Tab Active 8.0. Fortunately, we have the latest version of TWRP custom recovery available for the android tablet. Using this custom recovery, you will be able to flash all sorts of third party ROMs onto it. It would also be possible to flash hacks that require a modified TWRP.

Download the TWRP file on your computer from here. Then use the fastboot to flash the TWRP using the following command.

fastboot flash recovery TWRP-3.1.1-recovery.img

After installing the TWRP, it is now time to install root onto the Galaxy Tab Active 8.0. For that, install the ODIN file via file recovery in download mode using volume down + power + home button combo and then connect it to the computer.

And that is it – you have successfully downloaded and installed TWRP on the Tab Active android tablet. It is totally upto you if you want to root it or not. Some third party firmwares come pre-rooted so if you are planning to install a custom ROM, it may not be worth rooting your Samsung android tablet.

Download CM13 for Galaxy Tab 7.7: Cyanogen Mod for Samsung Tab 7.7 android tablet

Download CM13 for Galaxy Tab 7.7

Lineage OS is based on android’s CM13 port that brings latest version of android to the users. It is meant for P6800, P6810 and i815 versions of Galaxy Tab 7.7 android tablet. Everything is working in this cyanogen mod 13 ROM except for Bluetooth (crashed when trying to activate in settings), DRM playback (google play movies), Amazon kindle app (old v4.24.0.27 works though) and mounting of SD card. So if you can do without those, it is same to install this ROM on your android tablet.

Here are the installation instructions for installing lineage OS on Samsung galaxy tab 7.7.

* Download the ROM and optionally GApps (ARM-6.0-pico) onto your device
* Reboot tablet into Tab 7.7 TWRP recovery. I use version 3.0.2-0 here.
* Wipe data, cache, dalvik/art-cache and system. Coming from stock rom, also wipe internal sd.
* Flash ROM and GApps.
* Reboot System. (First boot takes 5-6 minutes. Be patient.)

To root, simple download and install supersu using TWRP recovery. Latest version of TWRP may not work. We installed this ROM on our android tablet and it felt quite smooth. Apart from the bugs mentioned earlier in this article, everything worked like a charm.

Galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel – SM-T820 / SM-T825 kernel download

Permissive kernel is now available for download for the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet. There is nothing really special about this permissive kernel except for its permissive mode, of course. There are some applications out there that require this very mode which is why permissive kernel was made available for the Samsung tablet.

Galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel

Galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel for SM-T820 / SM-T825 features:

* Forced Encryption disabled
* DM-Verity disabled
* Root restrictions removed
* NTFS support (coming soon)
* F2FS support (coming soon)
* Current build is -XXU1AQD6

It shall be noted that by flashing this Samsung galaxy Tab S3 permissive kernel, you will be increasing your knox counter which means your tablet will no longer be in warranty. It is also suggested to make a backup of data so that if something goes wrong, you have the data is with you safe.

If you have data encryption turned on, you will have to remove it. You can do that by going into Galaxy Tab S3 TWRP and using “format data” button.

Here are the download links. Make sure to use ODIN to flash them. If you do not have it on your computer, download it from here.