Download CM13 for Galaxy Tab 7.7: Cyanogen Mod for Samsung Tab 7.7 android tablet

Download CM13 for Galaxy Tab 7.7

Lineage OS is based on android’s CM13 port that brings latest version of android to the users. It is meant for P6800, P6810 and i815 versions of Galaxy Tab 7.7 android tablet. Everything is working in this cyanogen mod 13 ROM except for Bluetooth (crashed when trying to activate in settings), DRM playback (google play movies), Amazon kindle app (old v4.24.0.27 works though) and mounting of SD card. So if you can do without those, it is same to install this ROM on your android tablet.

Here are the installation instructions for installing lineage OS on Samsung galaxy tab 7.7.

* Download the ROM and optionally GApps (ARM-6.0-pico) onto your device
* Reboot tablet into Tab 7.7 TWRP recovery. I use version 3.0.2-0 here.
* Wipe data, cache, dalvik/art-cache and system. Coming from stock rom, also wipe internal sd.
* Flash ROM and GApps.
* Reboot System. (First boot takes 5-6 minutes. Be patient.)

To root, simple download and install supersu using TWRP recovery. Latest version of TWRP may not work. We installed this ROM on our android tablet and it felt quite smooth. Apart from the bugs mentioned earlier in this article, everything worked like a charm.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 Marshmallow: Download android 6 for P6800 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung might have made the Galaxy Tab 7.7 stuck at Android ICS but that has not stopped the folks at XDA from churning out Galaxy Tab 7.7 Marshmallow android 6 ROMs. Here is how to flash android 6 for P6800 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Download Galaxy Tab 7.7 android 6 Marshmallow

1. Latest TWRP for Galaxy Tab 7.7 (2.8.6.x or above) is required.
2. Download ROM (+Gapps (+SuperSU)) and copy to the SD card (external or internal – if you want gapps and root of course. Or you can root Galaxy Tab 7.7 later.
3. Backup data to external sd and keep in a safe place
4. Reboot to recovery (Press [PWR] + [Vol+], Release [PWR] when Samsung Logo appear)
5. Factory reset / wipe data
6. Flash ROM (+Gapps and SuperSU if you want to ROOT)
7. Reboot and wait for at least 10min. (Block mode not working for all devices. It might take longer for post setup).

How to enable "Developer options" in Settings?
1. Settings > About Tablet
2. Hit "Build number" 7 times
To restore the default state (Developer options hiding):
1. Settings > Apps
2. Select the app "Settings"
3. Hit "Storage"

Download links:

Download official Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 3G Wi-Fi firmwares

Some time back we mentioned official rooted ICS firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 android tablet but what if you want to roll back to the latest official firmware? No need to fret as we will give you links to the official Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 3G Wi-Fi firmwares so that you can get back to factory settings.

Download official Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 3G Wi-Fi firmware

This includes P6800DXLA2_CSC_STH.exe, P6800DXLP7_CSC_THL.exe, P6800DXLP8_CSC_XME.exe and P6800XXLQ2_CSC_ATO.exe. Flashing instructions with ODIN are given below:

1. Just download the firmware version you want from the second or third posts and extract the .tar or .tar.md5 file in the archive and save it somewhere
2. Reboot your phone to download mode. To get download mode shut down the device. After it shuts off completely simultaneously press the Down volume key+press the power button. You should see a warning asking you to press volume up if you want to continue or volume down to cancel, press volume up. You are now in download mode!
3. Start Odin
4. Click on the PDA button and browse to the .tar or .tar.md5 file that you extracted in step 1.
5. Do not tick repartition.
6. Connect the USB cable and wait for the ID:COM section to turn yellow
7. Click start to flash
8. Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device, it will reboot when it finishes.

TWRP 3.0 for Galaxy Tab 7.7

Now that Galaxy Tab 7.7 is out of warranty, it makes sense to install TWRP on it to gain access to install custom firmwares and ROMs on it so that you are able to get onto latest version of android. To install it, you will need mobile ODIN or ODIN on computer and we recommend going for the latter as it is more safe.

TWRP 3.0 for Galaxy Tab 7.7

After having TWRP, you will also be able to enjoy all sorts of hacks including multi window mod that lets you enjoy Galaxy Note tablet like functionality on your tablet.

So there you go – you now have latest version of TWRP which is v3 on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet. This will definitely add an extra layer of functionality on your tablet.

Download links:

Download multi window mod for Galaxy Tab 7.7

We love multi window functionality that is present in the Samsung Galaxy Note series but for some weird reason, Samsung decided to make it exclusive for the Note devices and never brought it to the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Thanks to XDA, you will be able to enjoy it on your device and more.

Download multi window mod for Galaxy Tab 7.7

Install Instructions
1. Install rom using Galaxy Tab 7.7 CWM or TWRP.
2. Edit your build prop by adding the line qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 at the very bottom (may also need to change dpi). This of course requires you to root Galaxy Tab 7.7.
3. Flash this file below followed by the (please note that these files MAY need to be installed manually using TWRP or AROMA)
4. Delete flashbarservice.apk located in system/app (only necessary if coming from V2).

Galaxy Tab 7.7 gets Android Marshmallow, unofficially

Thanks to folks at XDA, users of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be able to get taste of the Android Marshmallow a k a Android 6.0. The same developers had earlier churned out Android 5 lollipop ROMs for the Tab 7.7 and with Android 6 update, they have proved that they care for the Tab 7.7 users.

Download Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android Marshmallow

That said the ROM is still in beta stages and there are still some bugs to iron out. You can follow up with the development by visiting this link. The ROMs are based on cyanogen mod which is responsible for bringing Marshmallow to many devices out there.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android Marshmallow

It is possible to get root too – just fire the latest flashable zip from website and you will get root on the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Download links of current build are given below.

Download Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android Lollipop 5.1.1

While Samsung abandoned the Galaxy Tab 7.7 users, folks at XDA have been churning out quality ROMs for this android tablet from quite sometime now. You can now have android lollipop on Galaxy Tab 7.7 by installing this firmware.

Download Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android Lollipop 5.1.1

You can download the ROM from here and install it using ODIN. Make sure you have TWRP for Galaxy Tab 7.7 pre installed as only then you will be able to flash custom ROMs on your tablet.

This ROM is based on cyanogen mod 12.1 which is basically android 5.1.1 but without gapps. To get those install this package in recovery. The ROM is not rooted and to get root, simply flash in recovery. I have installed this on my Samsung tablet and everything is working as it should. The developer notes that he has not tested mobile date for the i815 version but data is definitely working in p6800 3G version.

Galaxy Tab 7.7: Mount SD card as Flash USB storage

Want to use the internal micro SD card of your P6800/P6810 as external USB flash drive (UMS) on your computer for faster data transfer? You can use the following given method on how to get it done. The only requirement is that you must have rooted your Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Super SU and busybox installed. Find out how to root Galaxy tab 7.7 by following our step by step tutorial.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 Mount SD card as Flash USB storage

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Download Galaxy Tab 7.7 CWM Recovery

To flash any custom ROM, you will need to have custom clock work mod on your Galaxy Tab 7.7. There are three different versions (i815, P6810 and P6800) and you can flash them via ODIN on your PC. If you do not have it on your computer, you can download it from this post – . Download the respective CWM for your Tab from the below given links and open ODIN. Here are the download links:

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Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs iPad Mini

So yesterday, Apple released iPad Mini and in their presentation, they compared it with the Nexus 7. For obvious reasons, they only pointed out iPad Mini’s positives and not its negatives. We, at, will not compare them to Nexus 7, but will compare it to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

           Galaxy Tab 7.7         iPad Mini
Dimensions 196.7 x 133 x 7.9 mm   200 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm
Weight     340 g                  308 g
Resolution 1280 x 800             1024 x 768
Screen     7.7" 196 ppi           7.9" 162 ppi
Cams       3.15 & 2 MP            5 & 1 MP
Micro-SD   yes                    no  
CPU        Dual-core 1.4 GHz A9   Dual-core 1 Ghz A9
GPU        Mali-400MP             PowerVR SGX MP4+
RAM        1 GB                   512 MB

As you can see, the iPad defeated in all the areas. Still we expect it to sell like hotcakes because Apple-lovers will buy whatever they release, no matter how it sucks compared to the exciting  products.