Rooted Official ICS for Verizon i815 Galaxy Tab

Verizon also sells a Galaxy Tab 7.7 which is slightly different from inside (thus being called i815 instead of P6800 or P6810). Electron 73 has released a pre-rooted latest ICS ROM for galaxy tab 7.7 i815, which means you do not need to root it

Rooted Official ICS for Verizon i815 Galaxy Tab 7 7

Here is how you can install it on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 i815
Step 1: The ROM
Install with CWM…

Step 2: The MODEM
Flash with ODIN in PHONE section…i815_modem.tar

Step 3 (optional): Stock Recovery
If you want to be full stock afterwards, flash with ODIN in PDA section…5_recovery.tar

Step 4 (optional): Stock SBL
If you did all 3 parts above and want to be able to receive future Verizon OTA’s flash this in ODIN in BOOTLOADER section…1_i815_sbl.tar

This is a great way of obtaining permanent root on your galaxy Tab 7.7 who do not want to perform several steps just to attain root and run those cool apps.

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