Stock Deodexed Zipaligned Galaxy Tab P5210 10.1 3 ROM

This is a Stock Deodexed firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5210. It has the latest jelly bean firmware and is Fully Deodexed, Rooted, and Zipaligned. It even has Super SU and BusyBox pre installed.

It is not free of bloatware, and close to official Samsung ROM. You can use Xposed framework (link) and Wanam Xposed (link) with it.  After booting the first time go to Exposed Installer App- click the – Framework tab – click install/update.
Next hit back button – select the Modules Tab – check Wanam Xposed module – reboot.

Once it reboots you can go to the Wanam app and choose the options you like. Not all will work on the tab because many features are phone related. Clock location – Color – Circle Battery do work also the the extended boot menu which includes recovery works too. After making your choices you will need to reboot for them to take effect. There are many more modules you can experiment with just be sure to make a Nardroid backup first because all aren’t compatible.

You can download the firmware from here.