Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has a 7-inch screen, and although one rumor suggested a mere 800-by-480 resolution, a more recent report from Chinese-language Web site ifanr — complete with photos — says the actual screen resolution is 1024-by-600. The tablet can be held in one hand, if your fingers are long enough (grab a CD case around the shorter side to get a general feel).

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review


From the video, there’s definitely a big camera on the back of the tablet (3.2 megapixels, says ifanr), with a little dot next to it that’s probably a flash. Samsung’s teaser lists video calls as a feature, so I wouldn’t rule out a front-facing camera, either. Navigation and mapping apps are shown in the video, so GPS is a safe bet. The same source that claims 800-by-480 resolution also said the Galaxy Tab has a 1 GHz processor and Bluetooth, based on leaked firmware.

Operating System
Samsung says Android 2.2 will be the Galaxy Tab’s platform of choice, and confirms support for Adobe Flash. It’s likely that Samsung will use a version of its TouchWiz interface — like the one that appears in Samsung’s Galaxy S phones — but the teaser video avoids specifics.

Software Features
Here’s a list of everything else Samsung mentions in the video without elaboration:

  • E-reading
  • HD movie play
  • PC link web
  • Augmented reality

In addition, the video shows Swype support and an app called “AllShare,” which looks like a way to sync with multiple servers and displays.