Performance and Init.D Tweaks for Galaxy Tab 4

To use these tweaks you have your Tab 4 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1 rooted.

Step 1: Install Script Manager from Google PlayStore
Click on link below to go to Playstore and install "Script Manager"

Step 2: Configure Script Manager
Open "Script Manager" and click on menu
Choose "Advanced" — "Configuration"
Choose "SM File Browser" — "Browser Zoom"
Change setting to 30
Press back button one time
Choose "Console" (at the very bottom of the list)
Choose "Font Size"
change to "18 => 54 Columns"
Close out of "Script Manager" for now

Step 3: Download Tab4 Customizations
Download from Downloads tab or
Go to the download link and save the zip file to your PC
Extract the zip file to your PC (Maintain folder structure)
You should have a folder named s5mods (located wherever you extracted it to)
Copy this folder to the root of your Internal SD card

Step 4: Run the customization script from Script Manager
Now go back and open "Script Manager"
Browse to the "s5mods" folder you copied in step 3
Select the script file
In the row of buttons across the top press the "SU" button (It should turn green)
Click on the "Run" button (Located just above the SU button)
Follow the prompts and reboot your device Twice
Verify that /data/local/init.log and /data/local/S5_Memory_Recovery.log exist

Performance and Init.D Tweaks for Galaxy Tab 4

Here are the instructions to customize the bloatware removal.

Located in "/s5mods/bloat" is a text file named nobloat.txt, Open and review this file it contains a few default apks to remove.

To add your customizations simply add the file name of the apk (Case Sensitive), if the apk also has a corresponding odex file you will need to add the path to that as well following all case sensitive patterns.

Be careful when adding apks to this list if you add an apk that is required by the system to boot you will be required to flash the stock rom and start over from scratch.