Madden 12 on the Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab P1000 (7 inch one) is not on the supported devices list for the Madden 12 game. However, if you own another Android device or can get the madden12.apk file from somewhere, you can actually force install it on your Tab. The game is available on the Android market for 7 dollars.


The best part is that it runs like a charm and you need not even need to root the Galaxy tab which is a huge plus. Anyway, here are the steps.

* Purchase Madden 12 on your supported device.
* Move app from SD to Phone (this is the only way I could find the apk)
* Copy madden12.apk from /data/app to your SD card
* Copy it to your Tab somehow. It’s only a couple minutes through Bluetooth.
* Run the apk on your Tab and it should install fine.

Oh, and to get the icon to show up in the apps’ menu, you will have to move it from SD card to the main memory (phone).