Galaxy Tab S2 Permissive Kernel for Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Permissive kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is now available. This kernel is required in order to root your Tab S2 or even run TWRP custom recovery. Keep in mind that this permissive kernel for Galaxy Tab S2 will trip the knox flag too and thus potentially voiding the warranty as well. You need to be on Android 5.1.1 lollipop for this kernel to work.

Galaxy Tab S2 Permissive Kernel

Source code can be downloaded from here. To flash the galaxy tab s2 permissive kernel,you will need latest version of ODIN which at the moment of this post is ODIN v3.10.7, downloadable from here. To get root working, follow these steps.

1) flash TWRP
2) copy t710_5.1.1_boot.img (pulled out from the corrupted TAR) place it in your Tab
3) go to TWRP
4) select install from Image
5) flash t710_5.1.1_boot.img
6) go back download mode, and flash the CF_auto root
7) go back download mode again, and flash the TWRP again
8) go back and verified got Rooted and Custom TWRP

Download links: