Galaxy Tab S Overclocking and Underclocking guide

Samsung Galaxy Tab S can be underclocked and overclocked thanks to the active community at XDA. You can overclock the default clock speed to maximum frequency of 2100 MHz (stock is 1900MHz) and underclock it to 200 MHZ.

CPU max frequency of A15 cores is 2100 MHz (stock/default = 1900 MHz) and CPU min frequency A7 cores is 200 MHz (stock/default = 500 MHz). Multi-core power saving control is present (sched_mc_power_savings) and so is the power-efficient Workqueues control. A15 big & A7 LITTLE Cores time in state as well.


To underclock or overclock the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, you must install this third party kernel made by an XDA member:

* Based on official Samsung source: T705WVLU1ANJ5
* ramdisk source: T700XXU1ANL2 & T705XXU1AOA1
* Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.7
* Compiled with KERNEL_MODE_NEON & -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 & hard float
* adb insecure
* ROM Knox disable/freeze via Synapse control
* init.d script support (drop in script & set permissions to 755 or 777 and reboot)
* busybox v1.22.0-Dream-IRC installed to /sbin
* Will NOT delete your WIFI settings & passwords
* Possible Screen Mirroring / AllShare Cast fix
* Synapse app support for almost all kernel configurations

Installation instructions:

Uninstall any CPU control apps, tweaks and scripts etc.
Recommend: Install Wanam DVFS disabler for greater kernel control
Recommend: Backup your current kernel with TWRP Recovery
Recommend: Install Synapse app from Google Play.
If Synapse app is installed and using with any current kernel: device settings > applications > synapse > FORCE STOP & CLEAR DATA
Flash SKyHigh kernel with CWM or TWRP Recovery
After boot (wait at least 60-120 secs)
Open Synapse
Tap “Understood”
Make any change, and tap the “” to apply new defaults
After setting and applying any GPU freq changes, don’t forget to tap [Apply GPU Governor Settings] in Synapse GPU section
Any issues, please check Posts #1-3 and search the thread BEFORE posting

Download links: