Galaxy Tab P1000: ROM without Touchwiz

Not a lot of people like Samsung’s custom user interface, which the company calls “TouchWiz”. This UI comes preinstalled on the Tab tablets and Samsung smartphones. Unfortunately, the company does not allows the user to turn it off and the only way to get stock Android experience is by installing a custom ROM.



*two keyboards to choose from (N1 and P1 keyboard) longpress a text field and choose input method
*New emoticons added
*Transparent circular zoom controls
*modded Volume Bar and text (created by diz)
*based off of Cyanogen RC 7.2 and AOSP
*made to be run in landscape at LCD density 180 (default) – but portrait is okay also
(blade buddy included for easy density changes)

*carousel status bar (created by diz)
*ICS transitions added (taken and modded to build from source, also slightly modded from the guide by: capez)
*expieramental "memory map" to allow faster user experience
*backport code from ICS
*massive UI and speed tweaks
*PR gingerbread icons added
*diz theme added
*Giff animations work in browser,
*you can now use your wireless keyboard properly,
*SYSTEM SERVER & APP PROCESS FROM ICS added (super smooth ui)
*System blur removed
*PSP and wiimotes DO work
*large market downloads should be fixed – thanks tek
*fully working market
*home added to power menu
*Dalvic vM set to: dalvik.vm.heapstartsize=5m,
*maxevents per second:75
*61 languages supported natively
*Optimized frame BUFFER rate to maximize LCD display color and quality
*massive data tweaks (stays higher on the upper levels of broadband connection now, among alot of others)
*multiple phone tweaks including shortened delay
*pointer reset now set at 1 millisecond, up from 3 milliseconds (a more responsive touchscreen)
*GPS tweaks (much faster GPS)
*100% TW free! & all Samsung and carrier bloatware removed!
*Ext4 with ext4 tune ups for increased read/write speeds
*Deoxed and zip aligned
*Rooted & busybox installed
*Angry GPS
*Power notification widget support
*Custom boot animation enabled with cool boot animation
*Silent startup & shutdown sounds
*Updated modded Gtalk and appropriate lib mods to allow voice, 3g and front video camera support
*upgradable VTL Launcher 1.5 BETA as default (with gojimi permission)

Here are the links for ROMs: