Download CM13 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (experimental build)

Folks at XDA developers have churned out cyanogen mod 13 aka CM13 for the tab S2 android tablet. It is still experimental in nature and if you are looking for a daily driver, consider getting the CM12 for galaxy tab s2. This ROM is only for the SM-T710 model and so far these things are not working:

Download CM13 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

* fingerprint scanner
* camera
* LTE module
* microphone not working

Installation instructions:

If you haven’t run stock Android 6.x, flash that first with odin. (image won’t boot without this step).
If you don’t have TWRP yet, get it from here.
Download the ROM from here and the Gapps that are located below to your device
Reboot into TWRP by holding VOL UP + POWER + HOME on boot
In case things go wrong make a backup
After the backup has completed return to home and select Wipe and then Advanced Wipe
Now only tick Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Cache
After ticking those, Swipe below to wipe
Once the wipe has completed return to home and select the ROM
After you selected the ROM swipe below to install it
After the ROM has installed flash the Gapps. Recommended GAPPS by : (I use pico).

When all of this is done, reboot into system, wait, and enjoy CM12.1. Rooting instructions:
* In CM 13.0 Enable the developer options
* Select Root access
* Select Apps Only