Best smartphones and ultrabook for gaming and productivity

There are two types of smartphone shoppers out there. One buy smartphones for gaming and social networking and second category purchase them for doing productivity work on the move. While gaming is best done on an Xbox or Play station, you cannot take them everywhere with you. That is why gamers demand phones with solid graphics that will enable them to play console quality games o the move. In this article we will tell you the best smartphones for gaming and productivity. Same is case with ultrabook laptops in UK that being used by more and more gamers these days.

Best smartphones for gaming and productivity

Ultrabooks are now being used for more and more tougher things these days. There are now ultrabooks for AutoCAD, photoshop, graphics designing and even video editing. But first, let us talk about Samsung phones that great for productivity and gaming. The first phone on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S6 which replaces the Galaxy S5 that has been on sale from the past one year. The S6 brings a much improved processor and an all new design. The Galaxy S6 looks different from any Samsung out there, thanks to its all glass construction and unibody design.

While it has same screen size as the yester year’s model, it packs better resolution, higher storage capacity and more memory. It also comes pre loaded with Microsoft applications like Office suite and OneDrive that will keep you productive on the move. And since it packs the latest graphics processing unit, the Samsung Galaxy S6 can play any game available on the Android play store.

Now let us talk about ultrabook laptops in UK. These are being used by a lot of laptop users, especially for gaming as they are thin and light. While they cost extra, you will be able to find some cheap gaming ultrabooks in UK for 400, and even 500 pounds. Gaming ultrabooks in UK can be bought for as low as 500 pounds in UK. These gaming ultrabook laptops have high quality and can also be used for productivity. Just make sure you buy only the ones recommended by experts.

Our second recommendation is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Often touted as the world’s best phablet, the Note 4 offers so much more than just being a phone with a big display. Like the Galaxy S6, it offers a quad HD display packing 2,560 x 1,440 pixels but it offers a few extra perks like removable battery and stylus support. One can remove the Note 4’s battery by removing the back panel. The stylus (which is called S-Pen) allows you to jot notes just like you do with pen and paper. Screen of the Samsung Note 4 measures 5.7 inches which is great for doing multi tasking and playing games. You should take a look at the latest Samsung mobile price list to make sure you do not spend more.

Another great smartphone for doing both gaming and productivity is Motorola’s Moto X. It has 5.2 inch display and packs full HD resolution. Like the two aforementioned Galaxy phones, it too comes with top of the line Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor that hums at 2.5 GHz clock speed. It can practically any game out there with ease. It is a great productivity tool too, thanks to built in LTE, 3G and great display quality. Moto X offers cleaner Android experience. There is no Samsung Touch Wiz interface running on top which is well known for consuming extra resources.

However if you are really tight on budget, consider taking a look at the Asus Zenfone 5. It features a dual core Atom processor and Power VR SGX544MP2 GPU that handles even demanding games like Real Racing and Need for Speed easily. Business users will appreciate its big 5 inch display with IPS technology. The screen is very crisp and great for looking and editing documents on the go. Other nifty features include A-GPS, big 2110 mAh battery and micro SD card slot.

Galaxy Note 3: While the Note 3 has been superseded by Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it still offers an impressive package for businessmen. You get a very powerful octa core Exynos processor by Samsung and a S-Pen stylus support. Stylus is same as the one present on Note 4. The processor is more than enough capable to play any application or game on the Google play store. Like Note 4, you get removable battery which is useful for those who like to use their phone a lot. You can swap batteries on the move and can prolong runtimes.

However if you are into iOS operating system, the best choice is iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 Plus offers a big display with dual window support, allowing users to see a lot of information on the screen simultaneously. The battery, unlike the Note series by Samsung, is not removable. But on the bright side, you get amazing battery life. Microsoft recently made Office available to iPhone and this has increased the productivity value of the iPhone.

If you love windows platform, then we recommend going for the Microsoft Lumia 950XL. It has a massive 5.5 inch full HD display with IPS technology. It offers great gaming performance. And since it is a windows 10 mobile, you get Microsoft Office built in, allowing you to get productive straight out of the box. Windows mobile store has matured a lot over the past few years and offers great gaming titles like Halo and Modern Combat.