Galaxy Tab 8.9 Root

The 8.9 Galaxy Tab from Samsung is one of the best and most powerful tablets available in the market right now. It is appealing to a lot of business users especially as it is very portable to carry around and has same processor and innards as the 10.1 Tab. Rooting the 8.9 Tab will allow you to do much more with the tablet, including the ability to run apps that require root access. This guide is for the Wi-Fi only 8.9 tab.


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Galaxy Tab 8.9 Keyboard Dock

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is one amazing tablet. It is great for those who find the Galaxy Tab P1000 too small and the 10.1 one too big for their liking. We had a chance to play around with its keyboard dock and to be honest, it looks like Samsung took the keyboard of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and swapped it with a docking station for 8.9 one. What does that means? Read the full review to find out.

galaxy tab 8 9 keyboard dock review

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Galaxy Tab P1000 SIM Unlock

This method describes how to unlock the Galaxy Tab P1000, which is the first generation Galaxy Tab. First of all, if you are running a US firmware, get the European firmware to get the Phone software. Then, on your phone dial *#7465625# and check if the Network Lock is set to [ON], if so then your phone is locked, so continue.

galaxy tab sim unlock

1. Use Superoneclick to root galaxy tab (the other z4root method may work as well, but this isn’t what I used).

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Bootloader Unlock for Galaxy Tab 10.1

There are 2-3 ways by which you can unlock the bootloader of your Galaxy Tab 10.1. The one which I prefer and recommend is by an xda user chainfire (which I will explain in this post). This method involves flashing the custom stock ROM that also unlocks the bootloader. After that you can flash any 10.1 custom ROM. Anyway, here is how to flash this ROM and thus, unlock the bootloader.

Bootloader Unlock samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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